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Our laboratory has spent 10 years perfecting the bio-availability of our nutrients and the concept of nutritional skincare. We use bio-available nutrients - which simply means that the nutrient is in a form which the skin cells can actually utilise. The skin does not work like our digestive system and cannot break down ingredients into their individual nutrients. Therefore we use nutrients that are bio-available, either in fermented, micro-encapsulated or liposome form. 


Vitamin A: keeps skin healthy & clear, combating infection and reducing signs of ageing.
Vitamins B1 & B2: aid cellular energy production and enhance activity of other B vitamins.
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): improves skin barrier function and ceramide production
to increase hydration, stimulates production of collagen and fibroblasts to benefit skin structure and suppleness and reduces hyperpigmentation. For more information, click here
Vitamin B5: stimulates cellular proliferation and helps tissue repair. Protects skin against sunburn and aids hydration. Offers long lasting moisturisation and soothes irritated skin. It helps to improve the skin's barrier function and promotes healing.
Vitamin B6: wide-ranging physiological functions but particularly known for anti-inflammatory properties.
Vitamin C: OSKIA uses many forms of Vitamin C. It is a potent antioxidant & brightener with proven ability to stimulate collagen production. The primary structure of collagen consists of three protein strands that wind together in a triple helix. The three amino acids in collagen are glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Vitamin C is important in the structure of collagen because the amino acid hyroxyproline cannot be created without the oxygen from Vitamin C. Major Vitamin C deficiency results in scurvy where there is a lack of collagen in the body. Our SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE, is one of the most stable and potent forms of Vitamin C and reduces melanogenisis in the melanocytes by 57% and age spots by 25% using 0.14%. 

Vitamin D: easily absorbed, key role in cell metabolism and turnover, used as keratinisation regulator to improve skin texture and smoothness.
Vitamin E (Natural Mixed Tocopherols): antioxidant combating free-radical damage. Excellent moisturising properties.
Vitamin F: combination of 2 essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, that nourish and repair skin to enhance suppleness.
Vitamin K: evens skin tone and reduces discolouration and dark circles by strengthening damaged and broken capillaries.
Vitamin P: bioflavonoid that strengthens and reduces permeability of capillary walls, aids circulation and enhances efficacy of Vitamin C.


MSM: (Dimethyl Sulfone) the most bio-available source of sulphur and key ingredient across OSKIA range. Helps increase collagen and elastin production together with excellent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Involved in 150 different bodily function and processes, including amino-acid formation.
Malachite: An important and wonderful mineral for environmentally stressed skin by acting as an anti-oxidant and powerful detoxifier through the stimulation of glutathione reductase (considered the body’s most important cellular antioxidant).
Manganese: oligoelement with collagen synthesizing and hydrating properties.
Magnesium: aids regeneration and healing of damaged skin cells. Natural anti-allergen to protect skin against allergic reactions.
Copper: trace element recognised for wound healing capability and enhancing action of antioxidants, also vital for keratin & elastin, melanin production for an even tan.
Iron: trace mineral principally active as a cofactor in enzymatic processes.
Zinc-Glycine Complex: supports production of collagen and elastin, helps reduce oil secretion and oxidative stress. A critical factor in the healing process and DNA synthesis. Absorption of Zinc increased by combination with Glycine, the smallest amino-acid to aid penetration.
Selenium: essential trace mineral with antioxidant properties to protect cells against free radicals damage.
Silicon: a significant mineral that plays a vital role in collagen production. Has a highly visible effect on skin, hair & nail condition.
Potassium: multi-functional alkali metal found in seawater and certain minerals known as excellent hydrator and balances the nutrient flow in and out of skin cells.
Calcium: known to support skin membrane strength and aid cellular functions as well as regulate the passage of nutrients in and out of skin cell walls.


03 Stressed Yeast Lysate: live yeast cell derivative that increases cell respiration, promotes wound healing and has potent antioxidant function.
Milk Peptides: Stimulate Collagen I synthesis by 40%, Hyaluronic acid by 1900%, reduces the depth of wrinkles by 35%, and increases skin smoothness by 17% in 14 days. For more information click here
Papain (Papaya) Enzymes: proteins that act as catalysts to eliminate dead cells at stratum corneum surface to stimulate regeneration without undermining healthy cells. Leaves skin softer and smoother as well as kick starting the regeneration processes. 
Pumpkin Enzymes: A special enzyme produced from pumpkin fruit that helps to clear the skin of dead cells but without the irritation associated with more aggressive exfoliating enzymes and AHAs.
Tryptophan: essential amino acid that acts as a building block in protein synthesis particularly in relation to Niacinamide.

TYROSINE & ARGININE boost the skin’s own melanin production to boost skin’s own UV defence and ensure skin is sun-ready with a protective tan.


Biosaccharide: polysaccharide produced by plant fermentation delivering significant
hydrating and anti-allergen benefits.
Prebiotic Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide: powerful prebiotic from natural sugars extracted from chicory that supports natural microflora, protecting skin against hostile bacteria and fungi while re-enforcing immune system. 
Ribose: natural pentose sugar extracted from corn that increases cell respiration and uploads ATP cell energy, resulting in improved cell activity for healthier skin, reduced wrinkle formation and increased elasticity. For clinical trials click here
Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): moisturising agent capable of binding 1,800 times its own weight in water.


Omegas 3, 6 & 9: Essential Fatty Acids that boost lipid content and aid repair of the skin’s barrier function, protecting delicate skin and increasing hydration to increase softness and elasticity. For more information on the wonders of Omegas, particulary Omega 3, click here
Phytosterols: plant-derived (often soya) actives with wide-ranging functions including hydration and improved barrier function.
Triglycerides: constituents of Fatty Acids with excellent hydrating properties.

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