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Nutritional skincare

  • Vitamins

    Essential ingredients that can help combat free radical damage, brighten the complexion and improve overall skin health.

  • Minerals

    Naturally occurring inorganic substances that can control excess oil & reduce inflammation to enhance skin barrier function.

  • Omegas

    Essential fatty acids that nourish the skin's lipid barrier, soothe inflammation and contribute to healthier, more resilient skin.

  • Proteins/Amino Acids

    Essential molecules that play a fundamental role in promoting skin repair, hydration & overall skin health.

  • Lipids

    Crucial components of the skin's protective barrier, they work to prevent moisture loss and maintain skin hydration.

  • OSKIA Complexes

    Discover our unique complexes such as our MSM regen complex. Specifically tailored for each product to support skin health.

  • Additional Bio-Actives

    A selection of super-charged bio-actives to target key concerns associated with ageing, the impact of lifestyle & the environment.

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  • Find your perfect routine

    Not sure what products are suited for your skin? We’ll help you build the routine that’s right for you.

  • About us

    Pioneers of bio-nutritional skincare, OSKIA is a British multi-award winning natural nutri-cosmeceutical skincare brand that keeps skin healthy and radiant with a signature blend of vitamins, omegas, proteins and secret ingredient MSM, a natural form of organic sulphur.

“One of the best skincare brands out there!”

Rachel, OSKIA Customer

“Revolutionary for me, I cannot stop singing OSKIA's praises.”

Giselle, OSKIA Customer

“Luxurious yet super effective .”

Emma, OSKIA Customer

Beauty Bible

  • Discover the power of Pea Peptides

  • Debunking Vitamin C myths

  • Discover more about MSM - also known as the Beauty Mineral

  • Our Violet Water Tonic won a Marie Claire award!

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