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Theraface Pro Hot & Cold Attachment

Theraface Pro Hot & Cold Attachment

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The perfect accessories for your TheraFace Pro tool. This complete set of hot and cold therapy rings is powered by TheraFace's innovative Cryothermal Technology and compatible with TheraFace PRO (not included).

Key benefits

Hot Ring: Increases blood flow reducing tension and pain.

Cold Ring: Helps reduce pufiness under eyes. Decreases pain, inflammation and muscle spasms. 

94% reported their skin looked overall healthier*
89% observed a decrease in wrinkles and/or unhealthy-looking skin*
89% felt their skin was more rejuvenated, radiant and had a glow*
*Based on a 35-subject consumer perception study after 12-weeks of use.Helps reduce pufiness under eyes. Decreases pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

What's included

1 Hot Ring with 3 temperature settings: 35C°/95F°39C°/102F°43C°/109F°1

Cold Ring with 3 temperature settings:26C°/79F°22C°/72F°18C°/64F°

Insulated Travel Pouch
Please note: TheraFace Device not included.

How to use

Attach to Theraface device.

Reduce puffiness under eyes, tension, pain, and inflammation with three temperature options per ring. The cold ring can even be used simultaneously with TheraFace's percussive attachments for an even more customised routine.

To clean: TheraFace PRO rings and attachments should be wiped down with a damp cloth or alcohol-free wipe but should not be submerged under water. The Cleansing Ring is the only attachment that is fully waterproof and can be fully washed with soap and water.

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