What ingredients are in our Citylife anti-pollution range?

Discover the ingredients uses in our Citylife anti-pollution range, cleverly micro-encapsulated, singularly or in blends, for increased stability, protection, dermal transfer & bio-availability.

What ingredients are in our Citylife anti-pollution range?

OSKIA’s actives are cleverly micro-encapsulated, singularly or in blends, for increased stability, protection, dermal transfer & bio-availability. They are designed to work in synergy, not against each other, to provide unrivalled clinical results. The CITYLIFE BOOSTER’s formula took 2 years of development and rigorous testing to perfect.

EUK-134 - A remarkable self-regenerating Manganese molecule that combines destructive rogue hydrogen & oxygen free-radicals and turns them into water. It protects against toxic effects of free radicals by mimicking superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase activities. It scavenges Superoxide free radicals, eliminates Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 O2) and transforms ROS into water and Oxygen. Regenerates itself for 24 hour protection. Also prevents the formation of UV induced TT Dimer and Peroxide Lipids, which can also have a beneficial effect against UV induced cellular damage.
Ground-breaking technology and the most valuable mineral active to date costing £20K/kg.

O3 YEAST LYSATE - Proven to protect DNA and the natural lipid barrier against Ozone. Also reduces fine lines.

ASTAXANTHIN - Anti-oxidant 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

CAMELLIA JAPONICA - From Korea, reduces heavy metal-induced oxidative stress. Protects against arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel (the most damaging metals found in Particulate Matter PM). Also increases dermal density to firm and reduce fine lines, increases hydration and reduces inflammation.

CO-ENZYME Q10 - Enzymatic co-factor (for a variety of enzymatic processes). Free radical scavenger/Anti-oxidant. Also has a major role in controlling cell membrane dynamics, which play an important role in protecting cellular integrity from external pollutants.

SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE (VIT C) - Extreme anti-oxidant capacity and well documented skin health benefits. Has skin firming properties due to fibroblast generation, which reduces skin permeability. Chelates heavy metals to prevent absorption through skin pores.

NIACINAMIDE (VIT B3) - Increases epidermal production of ceramides and also skin barrier layer proteins and their precursors (keratin, involucrin, filaggrin), leading to improved barrier function and pore reduction preventing PM (Particulate Matter) from absorbing through the epidermis. Also a proven anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidant capabilities.

MSM - Helps protect the skin against atmospheric pollution by supporting the skin’s protective barrier, structural integrity and reduces permeability of skin, which can help protect the skin against absorption of particulate, metallic and chemical pollutants. Also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. A smoother skin surface is less likely to trap microscopic particles of atmospheric pollution.

SMITHSONITE - Chelates heavy metals found in VOC and PM (from industry and exhausts). Also anti-glycation effect and protects DNA.

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