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10 Pollution Facts & 5 Solutions.

23 August 2018 12:05

Posted in: Skin Health



• There are two types of air pollution: ozone and particulate matter. Ozone is released into the air by cars, trucks, airplanes, and anything else that emits toxic gases. Particulate matter is a mixture of solid particles that are found in the air. These include dust, dirt, and smoke.

• 92% of the world’s population live in places where air pollution levels exceed the recommended limits set by the world health organisation.

• The average home or office contains 60,000 chemicals.

• Kings College London has shown Oxford Street has up to 10 times the legal limit of Nitrogen Dioxide.

• Pollution particles are sometimes 20 times smaller than pores and can penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis causing cellular damage,including the breakdown of collagen and elastin as well as inflammation and irritation.

• This year London reached the legal limit for the whole of 2018 less than a month into the year.

• Cigarette smoke contains over 6000 chemicals.

• The mixture of Particulate Matter (PM), Ozone, Heavy Metals, VOC and Free Radicals can cause major damage to our skin.

• Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide and ozone destroy the skins natural oils, which act as protective barriers.

• Free radicals, caused by pollution, attack the cells and the skin’s own anti-oxidants. PM and heavy metals can both cause problems on the surface of the skin or penetrate through the pores leading to deeper damage.


• UP YOUR ANTI-OXIDANTS: These vital and exceptionally clever compounds inhibit oxidation and the damage and breakdown of cells. They are our body's own mini-martyrs and give up their extra electrons to free-radicals to prevent them damaging other cells.

• - EUK-134
• - Astaxanthin
• - Niacinamide (VIT B3)
• - Malachite

• Salmon (Anti-Oxidant + Vitamin E + Astaxanthin)
• Broccoli (Vitamin E + Vitamin C)
• Turmeric (Anti-Inflammatory)
• Almond (Vitamin E)
• Chia Seeds (Omega 3’s)
• Ginger (Anti-Inflammatory)
• Avocado (Vitamin E)
• Tomatoes (Lycopene)

• USE ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Studies have shown that synthetic cleaning products are not only extremely harmful (due to the frequent ammonia and chlorine content) but that breathing in the fumes is comparable to smoking twenty cigarettes a day. So swapping your cleaning products to natural ones could really do wonders for lowering the amount of toxins you ingest.

• INVEST IN HOUSE PLANTS: In the UK we tend to spend around 90% or our time indoors, so another easy way of decreasing indoor pollution is to increase your indoor greenery. House plants turn toxic compound into lovely clean air through photosynthesis, in fact NASA did a study that showed some were able to remove 90% of toxic compounds!

• GO ORGANIC: One of the easiest ways to lower your body's total toxin intake is to eat organic foods, Organic foods contain less toxins, but also often have more beneficial nutrients such as anti-oxidants than non-organic foods.

• DONT SMOKE: Smoking effects your skin in the same way a polluted environment would, in fact it's like creating your own personal polluted environment. Smokers deprive themselves and their skin cells of oxygen, which accelerates the aging process. It also depletes your body the vitamins it needs to heal itself.


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