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The eyes are the window to your soul - but they can also be a window into your social habits. They are an obvious indicator of issues such as lack of sleep, dehydration, poor diet and emotional circumstances. So it’s important to try and maintain a healthy-looking eye area.

Imagine you are typing quickly on a keyboard. Use this tapping movement around the eyes, temples and on the forehead for 10 seconds

  1. Place your ring finger on the first pressure point
  2. Move to arch of the eyebrow, apply pressure to the second point
  3. From here move in between the eye brows to the 3rd point
  4. With very light pressure, circle the eye area 3 times from inner to outer eyebrow, underneath the eye and up the bridge of the nose, with your fingers meeting again in between the eyebrows . Do not drag the skin
  5. On the last circle, apply pressure at point 4, pushing upwards towards the ceiling.
  6. For point 5, apply the pressure inwards, towards to nose.
  7. Applying a little more pressure, lift and slide towards the temples, lifting the eyebrow, gently circle under the eyes three times.
  8. On the last circle of the eye socket, stop at the outer corner of the eye and apply pressure to pressure point 7
  9. Now, using your index and middle finger, use static circular movements to the temples three times
  10. Swap back to your ring finger applying pressure point movements to point 8.


What does the lymphatic system do?
The lymphatic system removes waste products such as toxins from the body. It runs alongside your circulatory system. It can sometimes become sluggish, causing those toxins to stay in the body longer than they should. So sometimes it needs a little boost to get it working back to its best levels.

What can I do at home and why?
Ancient Chinese medicine techniques such as acupressure points can help to simulate the body. You can use massage and pressure point movements at home to increase your lymphatic circulation, reducing dark circles and increasing the blood circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area. Use your ring finger – the eye area is delicate and this finger applies the correct pressure. With each point, apply pressure for 3 seconds and then pump on the point for another 3 seconds. The pressure points around the eyes relate to detoxifying and cleansing organs within the body such as the gall bladder, bladder, liver, and stomach.

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