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NUTRITION – We believe that cellular nutrients are the key to skin health and improving skin health is the cornerstone of corrective and preventative skincare.

RESULTS – Simply put, OSKIA is a 'results only' driven brand. We only use safe, proven and published, patented actives & nutrients at efficacious percentages, that deliver real clinically-proven results. Every ingredient we use is extensively researched by our team of formulators to ensure that the results are real and kind to your skin. 

HELPING THE SKIN HELP ITSELF – Our products are designed to work with your skin for a longer-term and effective skincare solution. We use many ingredients that are already found within the body, such as Glutathione (the body's own key anti-oxidant), or ingredients that stimulate key factors within the body (this is where nutrients come in!).  

TECHNOLOGY – We pride ourselves on our unique patented delivery systems & technologies that ensure our nutrients & bio-actives not only reach the deepest levels of the skin but also where in the skin's cells they are needed.

HONESTY – No gimmicks, no marketing tricks, no inflated prices, just 100% transparency and products that work. We are proud of what we’re doing.

PURITY – We only use naturally-derived, clean ingredients that are kind to your skin & our environment. We’ll never use potentially harmful ingredients and much research goes into every single ingredient that we do use as well as the ingredients that we have chosen not to use. We would describe ourselves as 'Clean Tech'. Our key ingredients to avoid are alcohol, SLS’s, Proplylene Glycol, silicon, synthetic dies and perfumes, mineral oil, chemical sunscreens (in particular oxybenzone), phthalates and some essential oils (not all are made equal). 

SAFE - We formulate all our products to EU guidelines and legislation. This includes the maximum and safe levels of all our actives. 



ANIMAL TESTING - We don’t and have never tested on animals. We do not sell in China.

VEGETARIAN & VEGAN - All our products are suitable for vegetarians, and the majority for Vegans. We do use Milk Peptides in a few products, but this is clearly stated on each product page.

ENVIRONMENTAL - We love glass and we're in the process of phasing out plastic tubes and switching to tubes made from Sugar Beet. All our paper and outer packaging is either from recyclable materials or are recyclable.

OUR FACTORY - We try and use as many environmentally friendly processes as possible, from the solar panels at our factory to the eco paints in our offices.

CHARITY WORK - We support a several charities including Great Ormond Street, Coppa Feel and Women of Women International. 100% of the profits from our annual Black Friday Sale always go to charity.

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