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What is Riboxyl?

Riboxyl or Ribose is a pentose sugar that occurs naturally in all living cells. The source used by OSKIA is obtained from corn by biotechnology. It is the only known cosmetic ingredient used by the skin cells to control energy restoration. Its action on cell metabolism restores energy to the skin for a global anti-ageing action and gives new energy to tired skin. 

What does Ribose do?

Ribose is a fundamental building block of the ATP molecule, and ATP is the most important source of cell energy. To function efficiently, the cell must keep its ATP at a maximum level. Each cell contains a reserve of ATP but there is a limited capacity to store it and only small amounts are available. In a healthy organism at normal conditions, the ATP reserve is maintained at a constant level, mainly thanks to a permanent turnover. However, during stressful conditions, the energetic need of the cell is higher than the recycling capacity and the ATP level dramatically falls.

In hypoxia (oxygen depletion), which leads to cell death, the presence of Ribose limits the decrease of ATP rate. De novo (i.e. brand new) ATP is produced (+19%) to compensate for the loss.

 Note to chart: Tested on normal human dermal fibroblasts, after 30 hours of contact including 6 hours of hypoxia.

Action on Cell Respiration. Oxygen is the second key molecule of cellular metabolic processes. The presence of oxygen is essential to optimal functioning of the cells.

Stresses, whether physical or environmental, alter cellular respiration and can reduce oxygen levels and the lack of oxygenation is directly implied in the loss of luminosity, freshness and vitality of the skin.

 Ribose increases oxygen consumption by fibroblasts both in mithochondria (by +31%) as well as in cytosol (by +37%) the two areas where the biochemical syntheses take place. The consumed oxygen is the proof of a high cellular activity.

Prevention of Wrinkle appearance. The energising action of Ribose on fibroblasts stimulates the synthesis of all structuring proteins, limits the break-down of skin tissues and prevents wrinkle appearance. A cream with 0.5% of Ribose was tested on 21 females subjects between 45-65 years old, during 28 days with a twice daily application. Results are expressed as % of variation. 

After 28 days of treatment, print analysis by profile measurements shows a significant decrease of all wrinkle parameters: total area (-18.6%), total length (-17.6%) and number of wrinkles (-8.9%). The efficacy is already visible after 14 days of treatment. When the results are analysed for 2/3 of volunteers, the following reductions were found:

  • Total area: -30.2%
  • Total length: -27.3%
  • Number: -15.1%


After 28 days of a twice daily application of the same cream containing 0.5% of Ribose volunteers agreed with the following affirmations:

  • Skin is firmer: 71%
  • Skin is more toning: 81%
  • Skin is revitalized: 86%
  • Skin is more luminous, more radiant: 67%

In the same conditions of treatment, the improvement of skin elasticity has also been proved (+12.3%) by DTM (Dermal Torque Meter).



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