What's the OSKIA team buying this Christmas?

What's the OSKIA team buying this Christmas?
"I will be gifting the Renaissance Mask. It's an incredible anti-ageing, exfoliating, and brightening mask that leaves your skin literally glowing! Ideal for the festive season!
"My fiancée loves the Citylife Cleansing Concentrate! She finds it good for a quick cleanse which doesn't leave her skin oily, which fits in with her busy life sorting out two children, 3 dogs, and working as a nurse!

"I buy the Nutri-Bronze for my best friend. She absolutely loves it. After years of wearing heavy foundation she can't believe how glowing Nutri-Bronze makes her skin look. She wears it every day!

"My mum is obsessed with the Moon Salts so I will be gifting her this along with anyone else that loves a good soak and smelling like Rose Oud.

"This Christmas I will be shamelessly self-gifting the Liquid Mask as nothing eliminates uneven skin tone and breakouts like it. I can only describe it as waking up more beautiful than when you went to bed!

"My wife swears by the Universal Hyaluronic Acid Serum which she uses either during a Gua Sha massage or when microneedling. The tube is huge and lasts for a long time.

"My daughter is at that age where congestion is very noticeable and the basic washes aren't enough. With the Violet Water Clearing Cleanser, not only do I have a daughter that loves to wash, but one that has beautifully clear skin!

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