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OSKIA Series: Super Women We Love

8 March 2017 11:20

Lucinda has been a stunt performer for the past seventeen years, performing in films such as Tomb Raider, Batman, Die Another Day and Sex and the City, doubling for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett.

One of her favourite jobs was doubling for Cate Blanchett in Robin Hood down in Pembrokeshire filming an epic battle sequence on the beach. She had her then two young children with her at the time - and there she was on horseback, in full armour brandishing a sword, a woman amongst the men in a Ridley Scott battle scene. It was a very empowering moment of her life, not only as a woman, but as a new mother.

Lucinda currently lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and three beautiful boys, Harry, Charlie and Archie. She has hung up her stunt pads for now and currently teaches yoga for a living. Through yoga, she has embarked on an incredible journey of self enquiry and developed some amazing tools which have enriched her life further. She takes great pleasure now in sharing her insights and helping other people develop their practice.

OSKIA: What inspired you to become a stunt woman?
Lucinda: I initially liked the idea of being a stunt woman as it didn't conform to my traditional up bringing. I was a rebel!

OSKIA: What did you want to become when you were 5 years old?
Lucinda: I wanted to be the first woman to win the Grand National.

OSKIA: A woman you admire?
Lucinda: Cate Blanchett, she is the epitome of feminine strength and grace.

OSKIA: What is the best piece of advice you were given?
Lucinda: Don't make decisions out of fear and be brave, life is too short not to be.

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Last Updated: 8 March 2017 11:49

Is my skin Dry or Dehydrated?

21 February 2017 14:22

Posted in: How to, Skin Health


One of the trickiest things when it comes to skincare is really knowing your skin type and therefore which selection of products you require in your daily routine to address your individual skin needs.

We’ve all heard of the many different skin types; combination, oily, dry, mature, pigmented and sensitive – the list goes on. But what about the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? These skin conditions are all too easily confused, with many of us assuming that if we have dry skin, it is also dehydrated and vice versa. Read on to find out about more these two conditions which have very similar symptoms but very different underlying reasons…

Dry skin lacks oil.
Oil helps your skin to retain moisture so without it, your skin quickly becomes tight, rough and flaky. Dry skin is often genetic so therefore is a skin type and is characterised by small pores, therefore less sebum, which affects the acid mantel and natural barrier function. Signs of dry skin include rough patches and redness, skin that is easily irritated, dull skin that lacks radiance and flakiness. Dry skin often doesn’t absorb products as effectively, rarely suffers from acne/breakouts and is more susceptible to showing early signs of ageing. Dry skins lack the lipids necessary to maintain moisture levels and form a protective barrier against external influences. You can also help to combat dry skin through a nutrient-rich diet.

Nutrition Tip: Opt for foods such as salmon, herring, avocado, spinach, almonds and flax seeds to help lock in moisture and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.

Dehydrated skin lacks water.

And this is why those with oilier skin types or those who are prone to breakouts can also suffer from dehydrated skin. There are a vast number of external factors which can cause skin to become dehydrated including seasonal changes, not drinking enough water, harsh skincare products, central heating, lifestyle and too-hot showers. These all wreak havoc with our skin’s natural barrier, making it more difficult for our skin to retain vital moisture. Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition rather than a skin type. Tell-tale signs are a tight feeling after cleansing, a sudden increase in skin sensitivity and skin that instantly drinks up moisturising products. Many also find that their makeup becomes patchy throughout the day – this is your skin absorbing all the water in your foundation.

Nutrition Tip: The skin is our largest organ, so along with the rest of our body requires sufficient hydration to work optimally. It is absolutely essential to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to help prevent dehydrated skin.

For those suffering from dry and dehydrated skin, it is important to quench parched skin with a selection of products with a richer texture, preferably containing ingredients such as omegas, oils (sweet almond oils, rosehip seed oils, starflower oils are all brilliant) to nourish and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to rehydrate. Dry and dehydrated skins require more oils rich in oleic acid (Omega 9) than linoelic (Omega 6) and Omega 3. Steer clear of foaming cleansers, mineral oils, silicones, products with a low pH such as acid toners and synthetic fragrances which all strip the skin. Try our Perfect Cleanser, Renaissance 360, Restoration Oil, Micro Exfoliating Balm and Bedtime Beauty Boost.

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Last Updated: 25 February 2017 14:56

New Year, New Skin

10 January 2017 12:24

Posted in: How to, Lifestyle, Skin Health

A New Year often signifies a time to turn over a new leaf and the start of new beginnings. For the most of us, a healthier lifestyle, whether it be a new diet, taking up a new sport or cutting back on unhealthy habits is up there on our list of things to adopt this year. So, in the spirit of becoming the best possible version of yourself, what better time to focus on your skin. We’re sharing our 6 resolutions worth making to keep skin in tip top condition all year long…

Feed your skin from the inside
The skin is our largest organ and along with the rest of our body, it obtains vital nutritional elements from what we eat. A balanced diet is key - skin nutrition works best when applied from the inside and out. Whilst we give skin a helping hand with the topical products we apply, it is equally important to feed the skin with a nutrient-rich diet. Anti-oxidants, including vitamins and carotenoids are compounds that help to fight free-radicals and in turn slow down premature ageing. Foods rich in fibre and organic fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, beetroot, cabbage, spirulina and seaweed all work to get skin glowing and boost overall skin health. We also recommend fermented foods which are beneficial for the immune system and aid our natural detoxification process. Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Miso, Kambucha and Kefir are a rich source of vital nutrients such as Vitamins B, K2 and probiotics. The beneficial bacteria in these foods are highly potent detoxifiers, capable of drawing out a wide range of toxins.

Keep skin in exceptional condition by combining a healthy diet with supplements that are specifically targeted at boosting skin health. Our Pure MSM Supplements have fantastic collagen-boosting, anti-inflammatory and skin strengthening benefits whilst also improving hair and nail condition.

Never skip a cleanse!
Cleansing is arguably one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. It is important to cleanse skin every morning to remove any oils released over night and to prep skin for makeup application. In the evening, dedicate a few short minutes to cleansing your skin, no matter how tired you are! Your skin will thank you in the morning. We swear by a double cleanse every evening, firstly to remove sunscreen, makeup and impurities, and secondly to treat the skin.
Top tip: If you’re hitting the gym, make sure to cleanse your skin before and after your workout, especially if your skin is prone to breakouts. Also remember to keep your hands away from your face whilst you’re at the gym! We recommend our Renaissance Cleansing Gel to quickly and effectively cleanse your skin before and after your workout.

Keep your skincare routine consistent
Once you’ve got the perfect routine for your skin type all figured out, the next step is to keep things consistent. Whilst it’s always a good thing to swap to lighter/richer textures to keep your skin happy when the seasons change, remember that big changes don’t happen overnight. Many products take time to show visible results, and this really is a golden rule to keep skin healthy and radiant. 

Apply SPF
Even though the sun isn’t shining as bright at this time of year, we still need to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which still penetrate throughout the winter, even on the cloudiest days. Sun damage is one of the main triggers of premature ageing, which is much easier to prevent than it is to fix it later on. Did you know that sun damage can take many years to manifest itself? Sun damage not only ages the skin but leaves it lacklustre, dry, prone to wrinkles, and pigmented. During winter you could use a low-level SPF, our Renaissance 360 contains SPF8 combined with some of the best bio-available actives and nutrients to combat the effects of ageing, lifestyle and the environment. In spring, summer and when travelling to a sunny destination a high SPF is not only a must but it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours to keep skin protected.

Don’t forget about your neck and chest!
Hands up who’s skincare routine stops at the chin? Thinner skin in the neck and chest area means it is more susceptible to premature ageing without you realising. We recommend treating your décolletage as an extension of your face and applying each of your products, be it cleanser, SPF, serum or moisturiser all the way down to your chest.

Set aside 15 minutes every week to pamper yourself. We like to spend this time with our Renaissance Mask to rejuvenate the skin, unclog pores and gently exfoliate whilst undoing the week’s stresses. We also recommend booking yourself in for a facial once a month. Your therapist is a skincare expert, offering personalised advice on your skin and your routine. Regular facials not only keep the skin healthy and younger-looking, but also help to rebalance the mind, body and soul. Find out more about our bespoke spa treatments.

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Last Updated: 12 January 2017 18:20

It's Competition Time!

5 January 2017 16:47

Posted in: News, Spa

We’re so excited to introduce a fabulous competition in partnership with THE PIG Hotel!

We’re offering one lucky winner a one night stay for 2 at THE PIG's luxurious country hotel in Brockenhurst, complete with an OSKIA facial of your choice, a 3-course dinner and breakfast! It doesn’t stop there…the winner will also receive £250 worth of OSKIA products to create their dream nutri-active skincare routine.

THE PIG, located in the heart of the stunning New Forest countryside, is set in a 32 bedroom country house and combines a touch of luxury with a homely charm. In addition to the incredibly relaxed, serene atmosphere which incorportates muted colours, roaring fires and big, comfy armchairs, the focus lies upon the delicious and uncomplicated home grown garden food, influenced by the surrounding forest to deliver fresh, clean flavours. Meals are enjoyed in an authentically reproduced Victorian greenhouse dining room and are a truly one-of-a-kind experience, consisting of uncomplicated British cuisine containing ingredients which are either grown in the kitchen’s very own garden or locally sourced, travelling no further than 25 miles from garden to plate.

THE PIG also boasts a selection of revitalising spa treatments, including a choice of bespoke OSKIA facials. These are enjoyed in the rustic potting shed, and new shepherds hut by the lake which have been transformed into gorgeous single treatment rooms and staffed by expert therapists. Recently voted one of the top 50 spas in the UK by Red Magazine, the OSKIA facials on offer at THE PIG include a wide variety of skin-boosting techniques and also feature a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage to melt your stresses away. Find out more about THE PIG here.

Enter here. Good luck!

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Last Updated: 6 January 2017 15:44

Our December Spa Offers

20 December 2016 11:52

Posted in: Spa, News, Skin Health


This holiday season, we’re sharing an exclusive selection of Spa offers to help you unwind, relax and restore skin’s natural radiance throughout the Christmas period.

The Home from Home: Grayshott Health Spa in Surrey
Grayshott Health Spa is the perfect place to de-stress, detox, get fit, recuperate or simply relax. Located only 1 hour from London, facilities include swimming pools and tennis courts, male and female spas, gym, weights room, 47 acres of gardens & grounds.
OFFER: Book any Spa Break or stay at Grayshott and receive a FREE copy of Gut Gastronomy: Revolutionise Your Eating to Create Great Health, Grayshott’s cookbook extraordinaire (worth £30). Quote 'OSKIA XMAS’ to receive your complimentary copy. Find out more here.

The Luxury Experience: The Berkeley in Knightsbridge
Experience a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with an OSKIA Facial at the 5-Star The Berkeley Hotel, a stone’s throw from London’s Hyde Park.
OFFER: Complimentary access to the spa facilities & rooftop pool with any OSKIA Signature Glow Facial or OSKIA Rejuvenating Facial. Quote ‘OSKIAXMAS’ to redeem. Find out more here.

The Luxe Eco-Wellness Spa: Bhuti in Richmond
If you love yoga and wellbeing you will fall in love with Bhuti, an eco-wellness centre and vegan café located in a tranquil area of leafy Richmond, South West London.
OFFER: Enjoy a complimentary yoga class when you book an
OSKIA Signature Glow Facial. Quote ‘OSKIAXMAS’ to redeem. Find out more here.

The Organic Day Spa: Therapy Organics in Wilmslow
Specialising in results driven treatments, Therapy Organics look and health and beauty from the inside and the outside for a complete and holistic approach.
OFFER: Book OSKIA’s Signature Glow Facial and receive a complimentary 15 minute warm oil neck and shoulder massage. Quote ‘OSKIAXMAS’ to redeem. Find out more here.

The West End Oasis: One Aldwych
Tucked away in the heart of Covent Garden, The Health Club at One Aldwych is the ultimate sanctuary from London’s busy West End.
OFFER: Enjoy complimentary access to the spa facilities with an OSKIA Glow on the Go or Signature Glow Facial. Quote ‘OSKIAXMAS’ to redeem. Find out more here.

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Last Updated: 20 December 2016 12:09

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