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The Morning After

17 December 2017 09:31

Posted in: Skin Health, How-To

Sleeping in your makeup isn’t actually the worst thing you can do if it’s only once in a while. You’re simply missing out on the goodness your night time products provide and extra hydration loss. Rather it’s the lack of sleep, not your makeup, that causes you to look less than perfect the next day. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the magic chemical that is manufactured in your brain while you sleep and distributed around the body and provides the energy for all cellular functions all over your body, including the all important nocturnal skin cell regeneration. Think of it is as the battery power of your cells. Fewer hours of sleep simply results in less ATP being made, which results in less cellular activity, less respiration and less cell energy. It is true that lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of skin ageing.

Treat your skin to a little TLC with these quick tips.

1. Extra Hydration. Your skin naturally loses moisture at night and alcohol’s dehydrating effect magnified that lack of moisture, so double cleanse with an oil or balm cleaner. Your first cleanse is to remove your makeup, and the second to gently cleanse the skin. To perk up the complexion, mix a little physical exfoliator into your cleanser, such as our Micro-Exfoliating Balm, or choose a cleanser with added exfoliants to brighten skin. (Photo - The pumpkin enzymes in our Renaissance Cleanser will gently dissolve the dead skin cells and intercellular glue that binds them together to reveal fresh cells and a more radiant, smoother complexion.)

2. Top tip from the catwalk Grab an ice cube from the freezer and gently massage over your entire face, including the eye area, to tone, tighten and boost circulation to bring fresh nutrients to your tired skin.

3. Cheat your skin into thinking it’s had a good night’s sleep by using a product that boosts ATP such as Get Up & Glow, which contains D-Ribose, a pentose that occurs in all living cells and obtained from the humble corn on the cob - not the most glam of vegetables but one that instantly increases cellular respiration and ATP synthesis by 37%, as well as reducing fine lines by 30% (after 28 days if used daily). (Photo - GUG - This Hyaluronic Acid based serum also contains micro light reflectors to enliven skin and help mask imperfections as well as peptides and vitamins to brighten.)

4. Gleam - Apply a good facial oil. Not only will it instantly rehydrate partied-out skin, boost your vital lipid barrier and repair your Acid Mantle to protect, but give your skin an instant healthy-looking gleam. (Photo - RO - Restoration Oil is light enough to be used over the entire eye area to give extra hydration and protection and makes a fantastic primer.)

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Last Updated: 17 January 2018 11:08

What is your Acid Mantle & why does pH Matter?

12 December 2017 19:55

Posted in: Skin Health

The acid mantle is a very fine and very vital film on the surface of your outermost layer (stratum corneum) on top of the outer layer (epidermis) of your skin. It is slightly acidic (ranging from 4.4-6 pH) and your body’s first layer of defence against bacteria, viruses and harmful foreign bodies. It also prevents cellular water loss and keeps your skin soft, elastic and supple.

It is made up of sebum secreted from your sebaceous glands, sweat from your pores, flat dead skin cells knitted together, lactic acid, urocanic acid, fatty acids and pyrrolidine carboxylic acid. It is designed to keep bad things out and good things in.

The bad news
However, this delicate layer can be easily and very commonly damaged and stripped leaving the skin open to infection and bacteria which damage our health, but also our visual complexion. If you have ever experienced a tight feeling after cleansing, for example, your acid mantle has been stripped.

What can damage it
Over cleansing, regular use of acids/peels, extreme heat & cold, sun, air conditioning, pollution, free-radicals, skincare ingredients, such as SLS’s.

How to love your acid mantle
The good news is that the skin’s pH can naturally right itself within about 30 minutes - the body really is amazing. However, the damage that is done can take weeks to repair.

1. Use pH appropriate products, within 1pH difference to the skin natural level. Higher (alkaline) pH products, such as soap, dilate follicles (swelling them), which increases the permeability of skin making it more vulnerable to microorganisms and irritants.

2. Do not over cleanse or exfoliate. Cleansing is an important part of all our skin care routines to remove makeup and grime and keep pores nice and clear. However, over cleansing can strip away this important layer. Additionally over exfoliation will also remove this layer.

3. Be careful with chemical exfoliators and peels. Not all acids are made equal and some are stronger than others. All acids alter the skin’s natural pH allowing exfoliation to occur, however they can also change the skin’s pH making it inhospitable to the skin’s vital flora and therefore open to the colonisation of harmful bacteria. A strong peel should always be followed by an 'buffer' to return the skin to its normal pH immediately.

4. Choose ingredients wisely. Keep away from soap - face and body - which is alkaline and SLS’s.

5. If you have dry or sensitive skin, regularly replenish your skin’s natural barrier with plant oils. Like acids, not all oils are equal so it’s important to choose an oil with the correct omega ratios to suit your skin type.

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Last Updated: 1 January 2018 19:57

OSKIA Christmas Shop & Holiday Shipping

30 November 2017 16:46

Our OSKIA Christmas shop is now open!

Shop our beautiful skincare gifts for your loved ones this Christmas or treat yourself to a favourite. This year’s OSKIA gift store includes an edit of your favourite products, from limited edition of our best-selling Renaissance Cleansing Gel to our indulgent Rose De Mai Treatment candle.

We are also offering gift wrapping for all OSKIA products to make your Christmas a little less consumed by excessive bows and ribbons. Simply added to your shopping bag together with your products of choice.

Gifts to give and get:
Rose De Mai Treatment Candle – For the ultimate luxury skin treatment

Exclusive limited edition Renaissance Cleansing Gel 40ml – Our best-selling gel-to-oil cleanser in a beautifully luxurious rose gold packaging. The perfect stocking filler for anyone who love skincare or likes to travel.

Renaissance Mask – At home spa treatment with immediate results. It’s a pampering treat that reveals brighter, more even, hydrated and radiant skin in minutes.

Bright & Healthy Essential Skin Nutrition Gift Box - Our Skin Nutrition Kit is made for happy, healthy and more radiant skin. It contains 3 of our award-winning Renaissance best-sellers for a simple routine wherever you are.

Vitamin E Bath Oil - Our newest addition to the range and exclusive to, a deeply nourishing blend of pure Vitamin E and over thirty floral and super berry oils would make for a beautiful gift.

To avoid the disappointment in not receiving your presents please see our last guaranteed shipping dates:

- UK only – 20th December
- Europe – 15th December
- Worldwide – 13th December

OSKIA factory will be closed from 22nd of December to 2nd of January. Any purchases after 22nd of December will be dispatched for delivery on the week commencing 2nd of January.

Happy shopping!


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Last Updated: 5 January 2018 10:29

Bright Friday x CoppaFeel

22 November 2017 16:45

Posted in: News, Events




Stock-up for a good a cause! We’re continuing our tradition of giving back and making Black Friday a little bit brighter. OSKIA is donating 100% of all profits from our promotion to a charity whose work we feel strongly about.

“I recently met an unbelievably inspiring woman at the annual Women of the Year Lunch called Kristin Hallenga.
Kris is the founder of a breast cancer charity called CoppaFeel. At the heart-breakingly young age of 23, Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which is incurable. Like so many young women, she had no idea that breast cancer could affect people in their 20s, and she found there was no information aimed at teaching young people more about the disease.

Kris has an undimmed energy and a huge amount of fight, and in founding CoppaFeel, she’s made it her mission to get the message out to young women that detecting cancer early is crucial to giving the best chance of survival and recovery. Sadly, very few of us now have the luxury of not knowing someone touched by breast cancer and personally I don’t have enough fingers to count them on.

CoppaFeel’s message is a vital one that young people need to know, and it’s a mission we support whole-heartedly.”  Georgie Cleeve, OSKIA Founder

Visit CoppaFeel for more informaiton.

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Last Updated: 23 November 2017 15:28

OSKIA x Stylist Live

16 October 2017 18:25

Posted in: news, events


We're thrilled to announced that OSKIA will be part of the Stylist Live event this November. Stylist Live brings everything you love about Stylist magazine to life across three days of experts, interviews, comedy, food, beauty and fashion exclusives.

OSKIA will be offering complimentary Glow on the Go mini-facials, consultations with our Skincare Experts, exclusive offers, competitions and much, much more.

Expect life lessons, insights and inspiration for everyone. The line up for this year’s event already looks impressive with talks from Fearn Cotton, Robert Webb, Emma Wills, Alessandra Steinherr, Reggie Yates, Nigella Lawson and many more. With help from your favourite inspirational women and men, Stylist Live explores everything, from the morning routines of successful women to boozy book readings.


Olympia London
Olympia Way
W14 8UX


OSKIA customers receive £5 off any Bronze ticket purchases. Simply use promotional code EXH10 when booking at

This is a weekend of empowerment, entertainment and influence at its best, and we can’t wait to see you there!


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Last Updated: 17 October 2017 15:02

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