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Reduces eye puffiness by 24% and skin redness and irritation by 64.6%.

What is it?

NAB Arnica and Algae Complex is a special complex formulated to reduce redness and irritation, both of which can cause premature ageing due to inflammation. Arnica montana is native to Europe, Siberia and Northwest North America. A member of the sunflower family, it is often found growing in dense clumps. It has bright yellow, bell shaped flowers that are 1.5 inches across, including the rays, and grow on erect stems, 1 to 2 feet tall. The ovate or oblong leaves grow in pairs and are coarsely toothed. Arnica species have been in the American and European pharmacopoeias as a treatment for swelling and skin bruises.

Since the early 1800s there has been documented usage of Arnica montana as treatment for bruises, wounds and swelling associated with injury by the North American Indians such as the Catawba. In recent years, Arnica has become more widely used and has gained acceptance by plastic surgeons for use after surgery to reduce post-operative trauma. While its method of action is not that well understood, it is believed that Arnica reduces oedema (abnormal accumulation of fluid under the skin) via effects on the body’s immune system, normalizing the inflammatory response. Some of the useful constituents of Arnica montana include sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids and polysaccharides. Sesquiterpene lactones are known to have anti-inflammatory activity.

What does it do?

Arnica’s well documented anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for reducing puffiness and skin inflammation.

Reduction of eye area puffiness. In vivo test using 10 subjects subjects with modest to severe eye area puffiness applied a simple emulsion with and without 10% Arnica Extract to one side of their face on the under eye area twice a day for four weeks. Puffiness was evaluated clinically on a 1-10 scale based upon a combination of visual observation, palpitation of the test area, indentometry and photography. As the following table indicates, 10% Arnica (as shown by the red column) reduced puffiness by about a 24% compared to the control.


Reduction in Irritant Induced Skin Redness. Balsam of Peru, an irritant, was used to determine whether the Arnica Extract could reduce skin redness and irritation. As the following table indicates, both 3% and 5% Arnica Extract had good anti-reddening effects when tested. Reduction in irritation is compared to an untreated control site over a two-hour test period. 3% of Arnica & Laminara Complex saw a 64.6% decrease in skin redness and irritation.

Arnica & Algae Complex 3%


Arnica & Algae Complex 5%


Kola Extract 10%


Aloe vera 2%



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