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We all know the feeling we get when we’ve been eating unhealthily. Tired, lacking motivation, skin and eyes lacking sparkle, all a bit gloomy. That’s because your body and brain need properly balanced fuel to work to their optimum levels. And the skin’s no different – it’s just another organ of the body. The most effective way of delivering nutrients to the deep skin is to take them orally, and now topically using bio-available nutrients. Bio-available because our skin does not work like our disgestive system - it does not break down ingredients (such as oil or extracts) into their seperate forms, be it vitamins or amino-acids. Orally, nutrients are absorbed via our digestive system into the blood stream where they are carried to the skin via dermal capillaries, a network of fine blood vessels that supply each and every skin cell. Our bodies are designed to obtain nutritional elements from our diet.

If we’re not feeding our skin with a comprehensive diet covering all its nutritional needs, from both the inside and the outside, then how can we expect it to look healthy and radiant? So one of the best ways to help improve your skin health and complexion and fight the signs of premature ageing is to combine a healthy diet with supplements which target skin health and topical creams and serums that provide your skin directly with all the bio-available nutrients it needs to rebuild cell health and efficiency. That’s why OSKIA, together with our renowned cosmetic scientists and nutritionists, has developed our range to feed your skin with essential cell nutrients, including bio-available vitamins, minerals, omegas, glucides and proteins, and give your skin the diet it deserves.

In addition to these bio-available nutrients our products also contain the very best pioneering bio-actives, such a prebiotics, plant stem cells & peptides. 

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