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Confused about your skincare routine?

30 March 2023 10:37

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Last Updated: 30 March 2023 10:39

Georgie's Autumn Picks & Tips

21 September 2018 15:18

Posted in: Skincare Masterclass


Autumn is my favourite season - the air is crisp; the sun is mild and we cosy up in oversized jumpers. In terms of skin care, not only does our skin need to repair the summer damage caused by sun and heat, but the drop in temperature also affects how our skin works. The weather change means that it now needs more protection against the cold and wind.

1. Repair. All those weeks in the sun and heat, even with SPF, leaves skin damaged. Hyper-pigmentation is heightened, skin dehydrated and free-radical damage high. Did you know that UV light stimulates a free-radical cascade? CityLife Booster protects against 97.7% of free-radical damage, whilst our brilliant Renaissance BrightLight is clinically-proven to repair and reduce sun and hormone induced hyper-pigmentation.

2. Exfoliate. It’s no longer a secret that regular exfoliation is key to glowing skin. UV dehydrates skin cells, so buff away dull cells for a smoother canvas and boost cellular regeneration. You won’t believe how smooth our Micro-Exfoliating Balm will leave your skin.

3. Restore. Now is the time to introduce a nourishing and restoring facial oil to your routine. Either to replace your daily moisturiser or as a night oil. Oils repair and protect the lipid barrier, which becomes damaged by wind, low temperature and central heating, to physically protect against the weather and temperature changes. Oils also give a natural glow to skin. Our Restoration Oil is full of floral oils, anti-inflammatories and collagen boosting actives.

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:07

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