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You've asked and we brought it back: your favourite cleanser in a supersize

17 January 2023 11:12

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Last Updated: 17 January 2023 11:12

Our most iconic product

25 July 2022 16:55

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Last Updated: 25 July 2022 16:55

It's pumpkin season

1 November 2021 08:55

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Last Updated: 1 November 2021 08:56

All about Renaissance Cleansing Gel

12 October 2018 15:28

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Our Renaissance Cleansing Gel is the original gel-to-oil enzyme cleanser, hailed as “The trusted cleanser by the skincare addicts” by The Times and “A peachy-coloured balm that delivers a proper, Dyson-deep clean. It also smells of Turkish delight.” By Tatler. Loved by our customers because it is suitable for all skin types and helps reveal clean balanced, fresh and radiant skin use after use. Here is the full de-brief on why it works and why we fell in-love with it.

 It’s a 3 in 1
Our Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a 3 in 1: it cleanses, exfoliates and works as a mini mask, gentle enough to use as a daily exfoliant. It is jam packed with Vitamins, Enzymes and nourishing Omegas, whilst encompassing our Bio-Nutritional technology to enhance the performance of all our ingredients.

Gentle Exfoliation
We believe in harnessing the power of enzymes, as they are by far the gentlest form of exfoliation, so packed our Renaissance Cleansing Gel with Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes, which are a miracle ingredient for anyone who suffers from sensitivity. It's perfect to incorporate into your everyday routine to thoroughly remove dead skin cells without changing the skin's natural pH and effecting our delicate microflora. 

Brightens the Complexion
It contains Vitamin A Palmitate to tackle any pigmentation woes you may have, by very gently resurfacing, it will improve dry, mature skin leaving you with a supple bright complexion. Vitamin C & E for their healing properties, and protection against pesky Free-Radicals. Starflower Oil to help improve elasticity & firmness whilst enhancing your lipid barrier for skin left beautifully soft.
Of course, we would never make a product without our miracle ingredient MSM, wonderful at soothing inflammation and detoxifying.

Why the OSKIA Team loves it:
Here in the OSKIA office it is safe to say we are all hooked on the Renaissance Cleansing Gel from the translucent peachy colour, to the gorgeous signature renaissance scent, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel has helped members of our team even-out post pregnancy pigmentation. With continuous use it has reduced congestion and cleared breakouts whilst boosting radiance and leaving our skin PH balanced.

Our Top Tip:
Facial Massage: In the evening take your time to really work your Renaissance Cleansing Gel into your skin. Not only will this encourage blood flow, but encourage lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins out of the cells and can also increase efficacy of the product by up to 30%, allowing your skin to fully absorb all the wonderful nutrients the cleanser has to offer.
Use it as a mini mask: When washing your face in the morning leave our Renaissance Cleansing Gel on whilst brushing your teeth. This allows the enzymes to work their magic before emulsifying and washing off - a perfect mini-morning facial!


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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:06

In celebration of our much loved Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

8 October 2018 13:34

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:07

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