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Introducing Liquid Mask

21 May 2019 14:34

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Last Updated: 4 June 2019 10:33

Discover some of our 5 star products

21 May 2019 12:30

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Last Updated: 4 June 2019 10:35

New Floral Water

28 February 2019 16:29

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Last Updated: 28 February 2019 16:39

Are you using the right serum?

15 February 2019 15:21

Posted in: Ingredient Focus, Product Focus, Serums


A serum is a concentrated blend of targeted actives in a very light textured fluid. Unlike a moisturiser they do not offer proper hydration or lipid protection (you need oils for that) and are usually designed to target particular concerns.

Yes. Even though most offer some form of hydration you will still need to use a moisturiser, though oily skin types can get away with just using a serum in the summer. Hyaluronic Acid serums are very popular as they are believed to hydrate the skin. In actual fact, they can often dehydrate the skin especially when used in very arid and dry weather conditions, as the water molecules at HA attract are most likely to be those at are already in your skin. To get around this, always use an HA serum on damp skin.

Unless a strong retinol or acid serum (which should be used once at night), to get the most out of your serum, always use twice a day, morning and night, directly onto freshly cleansed skin. If you use a derma roller, use straight after as it will boost penetration. The rule of thumb is to always start with water-based to oil-based, and lighter texture to heavier texture. So, cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser then oil.

Unless the serums are specifically formulated to be mixed, I would be wary of mixing serums together. Many many ingredients are very volatile and mixing can alter perfectly-formulated pH stable formulations which can have a huge effect on ingredients and efficacy. Formulations can take a very long time to get right, so you don’t want to fiddle too much. Never mix acids with other products, unless you want to buffer the effect of the said acid. The wonderful thing about serums though is that they are very lightweight, so you can use more than one at a time - three or four if you wish - just always allow each to fully absorb before applying the next. This way you will get the most out of each one. If you have the time leaving a few minutes between each will be very beneficial.

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Last Updated: 15 February 2019 18:02

Serums - what & why?

15 February 2019 11:36

Posted in: Ingredient Focus, Product Focus

A serum is a concentrated blend of targeted actives in a very light textured fluid. Unlike a moisturiser they do not offer proper hydration or lipid protection (you need oils for that) and are usually designed to target particular concerns.

Yes. Even though most offer some form of hydration you will still need to use a moisturiser, though oily skin types can get away with just using a serum in the summer. Hyaluronic Acid serums are very popular as they are believed to hydrate the skin. In actual fact, they can often dehydrate the skin especially when used in very arid and dry weather conditions, as the water molecules at HA attract are most likely to be those at are already in your skin. To get around this, always use an HA serum on damp skin.

Unless a strong retinol or acid serum (which should be used once at night), to get the most out of your serum, always use twice a day, morning and night, directly onto freshly cleansed skin. If you use a derma roller, use straight after as it will boost penetration. The rule of thumb is to always start with water-based to oil-based, and lighter texture to heavier texture. So, cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser then oil.

Unless the serums are specifically formulated to be mixed, I would be wary of mixing serums together. Many many ingredients are very volatile and mixing can alter perfectly-formulated pH stable formulations which can have a huge effect on ingredients and efficacy. Formulations can take a very long time to get right, so you don’t want to fiddle too much. Never mix acids with other products, unless you want to buffer the effect of the said acid. The wonderful thing about serums though is that they are very lightweight, so you can use more than one at a time - three or four if you wish - just always allow each to fully absorb before applying the next. This way you will get the most out of each one. If you have the time leaving a few minutes between each will be very beneficial.



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Last Updated: 15 February 2019 17:20


4 January 2019 14:06

Posted in: Ingredient Focus, Product Focus

Georgie Cleeve founded OSKIA and the concept of nutritional skincare in 2009 after witnessing first-hand the skincare benefits of MSM, a sulphur derivative more commonly known as the 'Beauty Mineral'. She was initially introduced to MSM by her father who introduced MSM to the market as a joint supplement for race horses over 30 years ago. Taking it to repair serious cartilage damage in her own knees she experienced a phenomenal response to the MSM and her joints repaired more than any surgeon had thought possible. But what had been less expected was the major improvement in the symptoms of her acne, eczema and generally poor skin, together with striking benefits to her complexion and the condition of her hair and nails. OSKIA has spent over 10 years perfecting the bio-availability of all our nutrients.
MSM, a naturally-occurring organic sulphur compound, supports the efficiency of healthy skin cells, helping to improve skin structure, elasticity and condition for a healthy-looking complexion, as well as helping to maintain the strong condition of hair and nails. These benefits have now been increased by blending MSM with an extract from black pepper fruits.

“I’m always looking ways to improve the bio-availability of our nutrients, which is what OSKIA specialises in. MSM had such a profound effect on my life, my mobility, my skin and my confidence, that it is cornerstone of our brand’s ethos. So when I discovered a method of how to make our MSM even more potent, then I jumped at it. This combination is entirely unique to OSKIA.” Georgie 

MSM is known for a number of properties, including its ability to support the body’s production of collagen, keratin and glutathione (the body’s own key cellular anti-oxidant). It also has an amazing history of helping reduce inflammation, together with an ability to improve cellular function by making the cell walls work more efficiently which supports detoxification. Improving collagen levels, reducing inflammation and detoxifying skin cells are all major contributors to improved skin condition. It has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation but also help calm skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Our Pure MSM has been a hero product since we launched OSKIA and we have so many devoted fans across the world who have seen amazing benefits to their skin condition since taking it. MSM and it’s remarkable benefits was the founding story behind the brand and OSKIA was the first to bring it to the cosmetics market. It would have been easy to keep it as it is, but we are always looking at how to improve our products, as science can move so quickly, so with MSM Bio-Plus we’ve seen an opportunity to enhance those results even further – to super-charge the benefits of Pure MSM – and in a more easily digestible capsule too, so we have jumped at the chance to keep on evolving and improving what we do.

MSM Bio-Plus still contains our pure, quadruple-distilled MSM, the purest available on the market. The Black Pepper extract has been incorporated to further increase the bio-availability of MSM, meaning the body is capable of absorbing even more of this amazing mineral. This specific patented extract has been proven in trials to increase the bio-availability of nutrients by up to 220%.

We have been looking for the right technology to super-charge our MSM for some time. Having found it, we then spent well over a year testing the inclusion levels and ensuring we had the perfect delivery system.

Our advice to anyone taking supplements for skin health and condition is to wait for two skin cycles before judging the results, typically a minimum of 8 weeks. We do however have a whole host of feedback from people who have seen the benefits in a much, much shorter time frame.

We recommend you start with two capsules, twice a day, before reducing to two capsules every day. The design of these capsules makes them much easier to swallow. Is it pregnancy safe? Our founder continues to take MSM throughout all her pregnancies. However, it is always recommended to speak to your doctor. Often the advice is to only take a pregnancy supplement.

The benefits that MSM Bio-Plus brings, are appreciated by all ages. There are lots of customers who take it as part of a general routine to support visibly healthy skin, others who look to its more ‘anti-ageing’ benefits. We also receive incredible feedback from people with problem skin, including acne, rosacea and eczema. MSM BioPlus’s ability to boost collagen and keratin production, but particularly its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits, really help reduce the symptoms of these conditions, improving skin condition and with it, people’s confidence, which is the goal of all our products.


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Last Updated: 7 January 2019 12:46

All about Renaissance Cleansing Gel

12 October 2018 15:28

Posted in: Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Product Focus


Our Renaissance Cleansing Gel is the original gel-to-oil enzyme cleanser, hailed as “The trusted cleanser by the skincare addicts” by The Times and “A peachy-coloured balm that delivers a proper, Dyson-deep clean. It also smells of Turkish delight.” By Tatler. Loved by our customers because it is suitable for all skin types and helps reveal clean balanced, fresh and radiant skin use after use. Here is the full de-brief on why it works and why we fell in-love with it.

 It’s a 3 in 1
Our Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a 3 in 1: it cleanses, exfoliates and works as a mini mask, gentle enough to use as a daily exfoliant. It is jam packed with Vitamins, Enzymes and nourishing Omegas, whilst encompassing our Bio-Nutritional technology to enhance the performance of all our ingredients.

Gentle Exfoliation
We believe in harnessing the power of enzymes, as they are by far the gentlest form of exfoliation, so packed our Renaissance Cleansing Gel with Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes, which are a miracle ingredient for anyone who suffers from sensitivity. It's perfect to incorporate into your everyday routine to thoroughly remove dead skin cells without changing the skin's natural pH and effecting our delicate microflora. 

Brightens the Complexion
It contains Vitamin A Palmitate to tackle any pigmentation woes you may have, by very gently resurfacing, it will improve dry, mature skin leaving you with a supple bright complexion. Vitamin C & E for their healing properties, and protection against pesky Free-Radicals. Starflower Oil to help improve elasticity & firmness whilst enhancing your lipid barrier for skin left beautifully soft.
Of course, we would never make a product without our miracle ingredient MSM, wonderful at soothing inflammation and detoxifying.

Why the OSKIA Team loves it:
Here in the OSKIA office it is safe to say we are all hooked on the Renaissance Cleansing Gel from the translucent peachy colour, to the gorgeous signature renaissance scent, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel has helped members of our team even-out post pregnancy pigmentation. With continuous use it has reduced congestion and cleared breakouts whilst boosting radiance and leaving our skin PH balanced.

Our Top Tip:
Facial Massage: In the evening take your time to really work your Renaissance Cleansing Gel into your skin. Not only will this encourage blood flow, but encourage lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins out of the cells and can also increase efficacy of the product by up to 30%, allowing your skin to fully absorb all the wonderful nutrients the cleanser has to offer.
Use it as a mini mask: When washing your face in the morning leave our Renaissance Cleansing Gel on whilst brushing your teeth. This allows the enzymes to work their magic before emulsifying and washing off - a perfect mini-morning facial!


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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:06

How to choose the right cleanser for you.

19 April 2018 15:52

Posted in: Skin Health, Product Focus


In a market flooded with different products, it can sometimes seem daunting finding the right one to suit your skin and treat its needs. Proper cleansing is paramount for a clear, glowing complexion. Not only does it remove oil, bad bacteria, makeup and dead skin, it also creates a blank canvas for your serums, moisturisers and oils to help them penetrate deeper into the epidermis and increasing their efficacy. Not cleansing effectively leads to dullness, breakouts and possibly dehydration. It’s no wonder cleansing is the first and usually the most important step in your routine. Ideally, we recommend cleansing twice a day. Double cleansing at night is vital to remove the upper layer of makeup, dead skin cells and grime, allowing a second cleanse to give a far deeper clean, unclogging your pores and clearing your complexion. Just as it is important to cleanse at night, so is cleansing in the morning. At night our skin regenerates and detoxifies, releasing toxins from our pores which then need to be washed away in the morning.

If your skin is prone to breaking out you want a cleanser that helps to fight excess oil, without completely stripping your skin of oil which will lead to your skin producing excess sebum to compensate. A formula that balances your skin’s natural PH will help slow the growth of bacteria, containing oil dissolving AHA and niacinamide. Try our CityLife cleanser it leaves skin pollutant and makeup free, fresh, calm and pH balanced. It contains Willow Bark Extract (natural Salicylic Acid) & Phytic Acid, which gently exfoliate to rid dead cells and clear pores, whilst Eucalyptus and Lavender are both tremendously healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

For those with sensitive skin, or skin conditions such a rosacea, you need a balm cleanser that will effectively remove all dirt and grime and condition your skin without stripping it of its natural lipid barrier or acid mantel. Just as with acneic skin, it is also important with sensitive skin not to upset your skin’s natural PH. Use PH appropriate products, within 1pH difference to the skin’s natural level (4.4-6ph), as disrupting your skin’s PH can lead to dry or irritated skin. Our Perfect Cleanser is a nourishing cleansing balm, rich in youth-boosting vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, essential fatty acids and natural emollients to deeply cleanse, decongest, soothe and restore moisture levels. A bio-available Zinc-Glycine Mineral Complex purifies, supports healing, soothes irritation and reduces redness.

Combination skin is exactly what it says on the tin: you have both dry and oily sections or patches, or your skin can simply change during the month and seasons! This means you need a cleanser to treat both skin types and restore balance. A gel cleanser is perfect for combination skin. It is the new generation of non-foaming cleanser, and somewhat a hybrid, gentle enough to treat dry skin, but effective enough to remove excess oil and take the day off from your skin. Our best-selling Renaissance Cleanser contains Lactobacillus/Cucurbita Pepo Ferment Extract (Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes) to deeply cleanse pores and thoroughly remove dull skin cells without irritation for a brighter, balanced complexion and even skin tone.

Much like sensitive skin, dry skin needs to be treated just as gently when it come to cleansers. Stay clear of foaming cleansers and instead opt for cleansers with a richer texture: think oilier balms and gels. They will slick away the grime of day, but also nourish your skin before you start applying your serums and moistures. Our Perfect Cleanser and Renaissance Cleansing Gel are both perfect textures for you, they rid your skin of makeup and deeply cleanse as well as thoroughly removing dead skin cells without irritation for a healthy, comfortable and balanced complexion. You can switch between the two depending on seasons, morning and evening or even double cleanse if feeling your skin needs that bit of extra TLC.

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:12

NEW LAUNCH: Introducing CityLife Detox Mask

16 January 2018 17:58

Posted in: News, Product Focus, Skin Health

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the CityLife range. The CityLife Detox Mask is the first 100% natural peel-off mask on the market and works to detoxify, decongest and calm city-stressed skins.

Before we go into the ins-and-outs of our newest mask we’d love to share why OSKIA founder Georgie Cleeve loves this product and what was her inspiration behind it.

“I have a thing for peel-off masks which I find so satisfying, but to find one that is entirely natural and one that doesn’t strip my skin is like searching for water on the moon. I also have a thing about pollution which causes my skin to become red and inflamed and was desperately in need for a detoxifying mask that tackled city pollutants but also calmed and caressed my stressed-out skin. This new cooling mask is like a cashmere glove for my skin and took a long time in development. We worked very closely with our packaging partner to produce the first circular dual sachet so the there is no need for messy bowls and mixers - yay!”

What does it do?
Along with other skin benefits, our Detox Mask has four key actions and it’s designed to purify, protect, hydrate and calm. It’s cooling and calming properties will help soothe inflamed complexions while a host of detoxifying ingredients work to remove impurities and clear the skin from damage-causing free radicals.


What’s inside?
As part of the CityLife range this mask is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-pollution ingredients such as Activated Binchotan (Charcoal) Powder, Malachite, Camelia Japonica Flower and Astaxanthin along with deep cleansing, soothing, calming and firming ingredients such as Kaolin (Black Clay), Horse Chestnut, Gotu Kola and MSM.

Who needs it?
Our new Detox Mask is perfect for all skin types - dry, combination & oily - as well as anyone in need of detox when skin is feeling particularly stressed. Everyone living in high-pollution areas will benefit of the purifying and calming action.

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Last Updated: 17 January 2018 12:17

The Morning After

17 December 2017 09:31

Posted in: Skin Health, Product Focus

Sleeping in your makeup isn’t actually the worst thing you can do if it’s only once in a while. You’re simply missing out on the goodness your night time products provide and extra hydration loss. Rather it’s the lack of sleep, not your makeup, that causes you to look less than perfect the next day. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the magic chemical that is manufactured in your brain while you sleep and distributed around the body and provides the energy for all cellular functions all over your body, including the all important nocturnal skin cell regeneration. Think of it is as the battery power of your cells. Fewer hours of sleep simply results in less ATP being made, which results in less cellular activity, less respiration and less cell energy. It is true that lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of skin ageing.

Treat your skin to a little TLC with these quick tips.

1. Extra Hydration. Your skin naturally loses moisture at night and alcohol’s dehydrating effect magnified that lack of moisture, so double cleanse with an oil or balm cleaner. Your first cleanse is to remove your makeup, and the second to gently cleanse the skin. To perk up the complexion, mix a little physical exfoliator into your cleanser, such as our Micro-Exfoliating Balm, or choose a cleanser with added exfoliants to brighten skin. (Photo - The pumpkin enzymes in our Renaissance Cleanser will gently dissolve the dead skin cells and intercellular glue that binds them together to reveal fresh cells and a more radiant, smoother complexion.)

2. Top tip from the catwalk Grab an ice cube from the freezer and gently massage over your entire face, including the eye area, to tone, tighten and boost circulation to bring fresh nutrients to your tired skin.

3. Cheat your skin into thinking it’s had a good night’s sleep by using a product that boosts ATP such as Get Up & Glow, which contains D-Ribose, a pentose that occurs in all living cells and obtained from the humble corn on the cob - not the most glam of vegetables but one that instantly increases cellular respiration and ATP synthesis by 37%, as well as reducing fine lines by 30% (after 28 days if used daily). (Photo - GUG - This Hyaluronic Acid based serum also contains micro light reflectors to enliven skin and help mask imperfections as well as peptides and vitamins to brighten.)

4. Gleam - Apply a good facial oil. Not only will it instantly rehydrate partied-out skin, boost your vital lipid barrier and repair your Acid Mantle to protect, but give your skin an instant healthy-looking gleam. (Photo - RO - Restoration Oil is light enough to be used over the entire eye area to give extra hydration and protection and makes a fantastic primer.)

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:13


14 August 2017 17:17

Posted in: Founders, Product Focus

This range has been a very long time coming for me so I am pleased to be finally able to share it with you. Pollution is a hot topic at the moment, but we first tried to formulate a highly anti-oxidant booster targeting smokers (cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals) six years ago and failed miserably. The science just wasn’t there and what we thought to be a powerful free-radical scavenging product, in our clinical trials turned out to be pro-oxidant, meaning it would do more damage than good. I presumed that by combining anti-oxidants, a product would be anti-oxidant, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anti-oxidants are very volatile and re-active and more often than not turn pro-oxidant when used. I went back to the drawing board.

Fast forward a few years... major advances in natural cosmetology, micro-encapsulation and two years of trial and error in our own laboratory have finally resulted in a successful formulation that offers unrivalled protection and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results! Critically, we are now able to harness highly technical ingredients that have only been developed very recently, and have found the best combinations of encapsulation and blended ingredients to enable the range to demonstrate such powerful benefits.

Our formulation process was lengthy but we also spent time analysing the key pollutants that cause the most skin damage, so this range is unique in that it is very targeted and pollutant specific. We targeted the four most damaging types of free radicals - Singlet Oxygen, Peroxyl, Hydroxyl & Halogenated - as well as Ozone, PM (particulate matter), Nickel, Iron and other heavy metals.We are all now aware that pollution is a major health issue and can also cause serious long and short term skin damage. City life, fun though it is, exposes us constantly to particularly high levels of air pollution, both indoor and out. This starts from the moment we wake, taking in our daily commute, exercising or just enjoying a coffee outside, through to less obvious sources such as air conditioning, cooking and cleaning, even our furniture and paint produce pollutants.

The range also offers many broader skin health & beauty benefits including our signature bio-available nutrients to help improve skin cell health.

I really really hope you enjoy the products! My personal favourite is the CITYLIFE Booster as I wanted a product that everyone and anyone could use, regardless of their age, skin type, or their regime. It’s a doer! It shouldn’t replace anything and you can add it to anything. It is highly concentrated so deep amber in colour, and like any true booster, should never be used on it’s own.

CITYLIFE Facial Mist - I absolutely love this. It’s not your usual Mist though, as it is not merely a mixture of water, perfume and alcohol. It is a heavy mist full of actives at proven efficacy levels. It also does not form a film on the skin, like other anti-pollution mists, which I’m not keen on, but chelates metals to prevent them absorbing into the pores.

CITYLIFE I-Zone Balm - A rich, buttery, delicious balm that also contains light-reflecting particles to help bounce light off the skin. This has been my handbag staple for the last few months, and a saviour on flights.

CITYLIFE Cleansing Concentrate - Super refreshing, this is a clever little cleansing concentrate so you only need a tiny drop, and forms a beautiful, soft velvet foam leaving skin pollutant and makeup free, fresh, calm and pH balanced..’

-Georgie Cleeve, Founder

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:15

Sensitive Skin Soothers

5 May 2017 19:13

Posted in: Skin Health, Product Focus


For those suffering from hay fever, warmer weather often signals months of sneezing, runny noses and streaming eyes. One of the most common allergies, hay fever is caused by an irritation to pollen, a yellow-coloured powder produced by trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds.

Any of these symptoms sound familiar? If so, our founder Georgie Cleeve is on hand to help! Read on for a few easy tricks to help soothe the pesky symptoms so many of us are suffering from.

Check the ingredients
When it comes to your skincare routine, try and look out for ingredients with anti-inflammatory qualities.

Derived from the root of the Butterbur shrub which grows in Europe, Asia and parts of North America. Butterbur is a known anti-histamine that has long been used to soothe irritated skin.

Find it in our Get Up & Glow serum and Renaissance Mask.

Rose Water
Our Eye Wonder serum has a soothing rose water base, and is jam-packed with nutrients and peptides to help hydrate and strengthen the delicate eye area. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness of irritated skin. It also helps tighten capillaries and reduce red blotches.

Pure MSM
Sulphur is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the human body and is known both as the ‘beauty mineral’ and the ‘healing mineral’ for its ability to support collagen production, promote circulation and decrease inflammation. Although not widely known, sulphur preparations have been used since the time of Hippocrates - the father of modern medicine - to beautify the skin and treat a variety of skin conditions..

Treat your eyes
Sometimes just applying some light pressure to the eye area can really help reduce irritation.

We recommend our tailored Magic Eye Massage Routine to not only de-puff and refresh the eye area but also help to relieve itchy eyes. Using ring fingers and just one pump of Eye Wonder, follow the steps below:
1) Imagine you are typing quickly on a keyboard. Use this tapping movement around the eyes, temples and on the forehead for 10 seconds
2) Place your ring finger on the first pressure point
3) Move to arch of the eyebrow, apply pressure to the second point
4) From here move in between the eye brows to the 3rd point
5) With very light pressure, circle the eye area 3 times from inner to outer eyebrow, underneath the eye and up the bridge of the nose, with your fingers meeting again in between the eyebrows .
6) On the last circle, apply pressure at point 4, pushing upwards towards the ceiling.
7) For point 5, apply the pressure inwards, towards to nose.
8) Applying a little more pressure, lift and slide towards the temples, lifting the eyebrow, gently circle under the eyes three times.
9) On the last circle of the eye socket, stop at the outer corner of the eye and apply pressure to pressure point 7
10) Now, using your index and middle finger, use static circular movements to the temples three times
11) Swap back to your ring finger applying pressure point movements to point 8.

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:16

Skincare Tips for Spring

30 March 2017 16:48

Posted in: Skin Health, Product Focus

Spring is officially here! As the weather changes, the flowers start to bloom and the days get longer, it’s time to give your skincare routine a much needed spring-clean. We’re outlining a few of our top tips to ensure your complexion is rejuvenated, glowing and ready to face the warmer seasons ahead.

1) Opt for lighter textures.
During the warmer months, our skin doesn’t require as intense moisture so it’s time to replace heavy balms with lighter, glow-boosting formulas. We recommend keeping things simple with light-weight products such as the Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Nutri-Active Day Cream and Get Up & Glow.

2) Supplements.
After a long, cold winter, our skin is often feeling dry, dull and flaky by the time the spring months roll around. If supplements are not currently part of your daily routine, we strongly recommend our Pure MSM Supplements to boost overall skin condition, increase healthy collagen production, help to detox the skin cells and maintain a youthful complexion. Take 1 - 2 supplements per day, before meals.

3) Exfoliation.
Slough off dull winter skin to reveal a glowing complexion by exfoliating once a week. Regular exfoliation helps to deeply cleanse and unblock pores and also allows your products to be absorbed more effectively. Our creamy Micro Exfoliating Balm cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes in one go whilst feeding the skin’s lipid barrier to leave skin soft, healthy and younger-looking.

4) Don’t forget about your décolletage!
As the weather heats up, we tend to start revealing a little more skin with summery tops and spring dresses. We recommend treating your décolletage as an extension of your face and applying each of your products all the way down to your chest. This will help to repair the signs of ageing and keep skin smooth, plumped and spring-ready.

5) Nourish from the inside.
Make the most of the delicious spring vegetables which contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamin K, iron, and phytonutrients which work to keep skin healthy from the inside. Look out for nutritious foods like asparagus, kale, artichokes, blueberries and avocados to keep skin happy.

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:17

The Benefits of Pumpkin Enzymes

26 October 2016 16:01

Posted in: Ingredient Focus, Product Focus

Autumn is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner - which means that pumpkin season is officially upon us! Did you know that as well as being a nutrient-rich and nourishing food to eat, pumpkin also has fantastic properties when applied topically to skin? Here’s all you need to know…

Pumpkin is a fantastic source of Vitamin C, is rich in minerals including potassium, iron, copper and zinc, as well as Carotenoids. These skin-boosting ingredients all work together to leave skin younger-looking, protected, soothed and supple.

Our Renaissance BrightLight serum and Renaissance Cleansing Gel both contain pumpkin enzymes, derived from the pumpkin plant, which are known for their powerful brightening, softening and illuminating skin properties.
Pumpkin enzymes work to naturally loosen the ‘glue’ that holds together dead skin cells, to reveal a glowing, balanced complexion. This gentle exfoliation deeply cleanses pores, refines skin’s texture, restores elasticity and corrects uneven skin tone. The process of removing dead cells also encourages cell renewal, allowing newer, smooth skin beneath to be revealed.

Our vitamin-packed Renaissance Cleansing Gel melts into the skin leaving you with healthy, radiant skin that feels silky smooth, whilst the Renaissance BrightLight serum also contains papaya enzymes which work alongside the pumpkin enzymes for unbeatable pigmentation-fighting results.

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Last Updated: 31 October 2018 12:21

Celebrating the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

24 May 2016 10:06

Posted in: Skin Health, Ingredient Focus, Product Focus

With the area surrounding OSKIA HQ in full bloom ahead of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we thought it only right to join in the celebrations and share a couple of our favourite floral skincare ingredients! Floral oils and extracts can benefit the skin in many ways, from helping to combat skin conditions such as eczema and acne to deeply hydrating the skin and providing essential anti-oxidants. Read on to find out which floral extracts and oils can be found in our range, why we have chosen them, and which products you can find them in!

Rose Water
Our Eye Wonder serum is based on Rose Water, known for its fantastic soothing, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and anti-oxidant properties. This serum works to reduce puffiness, nourish and revitalise for a brighter, younger-looking eye area.

Lavandula Hybrida (Lavender Oil)
Lavender Oil can be found in our Restoration Oil, proven to soothe sensitive skin, fight bad bacteria due to its anti-bacterial properties and also providing an anti-oxidant boost to help keep skin strong, healthy and silky smooth.

Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Chamomile)
Oil derived from the Anthemis Nobilis Flower, more commonly known as Chamomile, is very widely used in both the medicine and cosmetics worlds. This oil has brilliant anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to providing intense moisture and helping to combat skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Find it in our Restoration Oil.

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil)
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, derived from Sunflowers is extremely rich in vitamins, linoleic and oleic acids and unsaturated fatty acids. It benefits the skin in a number of ways, not only nourishing dry and damaged skin but also helping to soothe and protect the skin from free radicals, in turn helping to fight the signs of ageing. Find it in our Restoration Oil, Nutri-Active Day Cream, Renaissance 360, Bedtime Beauty Boost and Micro Exfoliating Balm.

Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon Peel Extract)
Lemon Peel Extract is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate the top layer of the skin to thoroughly cleanse by unbinding dead skin cells, while working to even skin tone. You can find it in our Renaissance Hand Cream, Renaissance Hand & Body Cream and Renaissance Mask.

Rosa Canina (Rosehip Seed) Oil
Rosehip Seed Oil is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of scarring and wrinkles and also extremely nourishing and calming for the skin. This oil helps to even skin tone, replenish dry and damaged skin and promote elasticity. Find it in our Perfect Cleanser, Nutri-Active Day Cream, Bedtime Beauty Boost, Restoration Oil and Micro Exfoliating Balm.

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, derived from the stem of the Calendula flower is known to treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Calendula extract also contains a high content of anti-oxidants, helping to protect against free radical damage whilst deeply nourishing and soothing the skin. Find it in our Bedtime Beauty Boost and Micro Exfoliating Balm.

Borago Officinalis Seed Oil (Borago Oil)
Borago Oil is extracted from the the seeds of the Starflower, and contains one of the highest naturally-occuring levels of GLA (gamma linoleic acid), known to boost overall skin condition, hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skins. Borago Oil is also brilliant for fighting the signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, encouraging skin regeneration and firming the complexion. Find it in our Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

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Last Updated: 9 June 2016 11:18


10 February 2016 18:44

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What is it?

Derived from the coconut of the palm tree, Coconut Oil is a widely used, highly-versatile natural oil. Coconut oil is known for its nourishing, protecting and soothing properties.

How does Coconut Oil benefit my skin?

Coconut Oil is rich in both fatty acids and Vitamins K & E, meaning it benefits the skin in a variety of ways. Not only is it incredibly nourishing and deeply hydrating, it is also a gentle exfoliator helping to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin with a gorgeous, healthy glow. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skins, coconut oil is naturally extremely soothing and works to even skin tone, protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Where to find it:

Coconut Oil can be found in our Rose De Mai Treatment Candle and Perfect Cleanser. Our gorgeous candle has been designed using the purest Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil and Beeswax, and can be poured directly onto the skin once melted to smooth, soothe and soften the skin whilst the delicate natural fragrance engages the senses and leaves skin beautifully scented.

Our Perfect Cleanser also contains Coconut cleansing extract to cleanse and lift impurities, in combination with youth-boosting vitamins, minerals and prebiotics leaving skin smooth, deeply nourished and balanced.

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Last Updated: 13 May 2016 16:40

Facial Oils 101

18 November 2015 17:00

Posted in: How To, Product Focus

Many of us sometimes struggle to find the perfect selection of products that make up our daily skincare routines, and choosing a facial oil to suit your skin is no exception.

What many people don’t know is that the right facial oil won’t make your skin greasy, and all skin types can actually benefit from using oils, including oily skins. Discover our skin-boosting tips on using facial oils:

Facial oils benefit the skin in a multitude of ways, from combatting anti-ageing concerns with anti-oxidants such as Rosehip Seed Oil, to soothing and calming the skin with anti-inflammatories such as Turmeric. Ingredients like Sunflower and Rice Bran Oils also work to replenish the lipid barrier, protecting the skin against environmental stresses, whilst simultaneously deeply hydrating and improving skin elasticity.

Oily skin types can fight oil with oil. Our skin produces excess sebum when the oil content in our skin is imbalanced. Many of us sometimes try and combat the oiliness in our skin by cleansing and exfoliating more frequently than needed to make our skin feel squeaky clean and free of all natural oils, but this is something we want to avoid. This actually sends our skin into overdrive producing more oils to try and compensate. The right facial oil will replenish and rebalance your skin, keeping oiliness at bay.

Oils can be used either on their own or over your moisturiser, as the last step in your skincare routine. If you apply a facial oil first, it will act as a barrier preventing your skin from absorbing all the beneficial ingredients in your moisturiser. Instead, apply last to seal it all in.

Introduce an oil in the evening to get used to the texture on your skin if you’re new to using oils. If you are a dab hand with facial oils, you’ve probably already added one into your routine morning and evening, especially if you have a drier skin type.

Still searching for your perfect facial oil? Try our Restoration Oil


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28 October 2015 16:59

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What are Pumpkin Enzymes?
Pumpkin is not only delicious and nutrient-rich to eat, but can in fact be put to fantastic use when applied topically to the skin. Pumpkin Enzymes, derived from the pumpkin plant, are proven to brighten, soften and illuminate the skin.

How do Pumpkin Enzymes benefit my skin?
Pumpkin Enzymes work to naturally loosen the ‘glue’ that holds together dead skin cells, to reveal a glowing, balanced complexion. This gentle exfoliation encourages skin renewal whilst simultaneously deeply cleansing pores, refining the skin’s texture, and correcting uneven skin tone.

Where to find them:
Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes can be found in our Renaissance Cleansing Gel. We use fermented Pumpkin Enzymes which are more bio-available, meaning our skin can put them to optimum use at a cellular level. This vitamin-packed illuminating cleanser melts into the skin leaving you with healthy, radiant skin that feels silky smooth.

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Last Updated: 14 November 2018 14:25

Autumnal Skincare

30 September 2015 10:56

Posted in: Skin Health, Product Focus


As the drop in temperatures and the shorter days set in, we’ve handpicked a selection of must-have products to keep your skin happy throughout autumn and the colder months ahead.

Starting with our cleansing routines, autumn is a great time to introduce a richer, more nourishing cleanser to ensure that skin stays deeply hydrated and to help protect against the elements. Our Perfect Cleanser is rich in soothing vitamins, essential fatty acids and prebiotics making it ideal for this time of year. This silky cleanser hydrates, decongests, replenishes the lipid barrier and leaves the skin beautifully soft and supple.

Exfoliation is key at this time of year in order to buff away dull and tired skin cells as well as to remove the remnants of sun damaged skin. Our Micro Exfoliating Balm uses the tiniest Silica and MSM granules encased in a creamy balm enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Sesame Oil to keep skin soft and hydrated. Once water is added, this balm transforms into an anti-inflammatory milk making it perfect for treating sun-stressed skin.

Treating the skin to a hydration booster such as our Restoration Oil is a brilliant autumnal addition in order to keep moisture levels topped up throughout the colder seasons. This delicate oil is light in texture but packed full of nourishing plant oils and flower extracts to heal, hydrate and replenish your complexion.

Finally, many of us suffer from dry, dehydrated hands once the colder weather hits. Our deliciously-scented Renaissance Hand Cream contains hydrating Butterbur, Shea Butter, and Macadamia Seed Oil to soften, soothe and nourish the skin. For really dry hands, try adding a few drops of facial oil to your hand cream for an extra hydration hit.

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Last Updated: 14 November 2018 14:25

Natural Beauty: Flower Inspiration

25 June 2015 15:21

Posted in: Lifestyle, How to, Product Focus

Kally Ellis, Managing Director of McQueens, London’s most innovative and reputable florist has shared her knowledgeable advice with SpaceNK on how to combine making the most of your flower displays at home with reusing some of those beauty containers that are just too gorgeous to throw away.

“Anything can be used as a vessel or vase – so long as it’s cleaned out and contains water. For home I like recycling old beauty containers that are too interesting to throw out.” And we are thrilled to see that our Rose de Mai Candle has been chosen for this stunning campaign!

The first step towards rebooting your beauty bottles is to choose your flowers. Try and stick to flowers from local florists or flower markets for the best quality. Kally suggests keeping things simple by sticking to single stems of one type of flower. Garden roses, peonies or ranunculus are perfect for the summer months.

Next, cut the stems to your desired length, and get creative by using vases of different heights and shapes to create variety and impact, especially when using one colour or shade of flower.

Finally, dress your home! Showcase your flowers around your home choose focal points at your bedside table, bathroom sink, a bookcase– wherever you please!

“Everyone’s home should have flowers – they’re a must as far as I am concerned. They change a room, they’re good for your spirit and I challenge anyone not to be uplifted by them.”

'Natural Beauty' is a collaboration between Space NK and McQueens.  

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1 August 2014 15:09

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"I'm Proud as Punch…

Of our latest arrival – my very precious Super 16 Super Serum which has been a long two - nearly three - years in the making. Unlike other serums on the market that rely on a small handful of active ingredients, every single one of our key 16 actives has been chosen for its powerful punch at activating collagen production and reducing inflammation (along with host of other incredible skin benefits). This unique selection of the very best natural, collagen - boosting actives makes this serum absolutely ideal for anyone of age 30 onwards looking to address serious ageing concerns.

Why did it take us three years? It’s an awfully long time, but every time I thought we’d cracked the final formula and all the tests were in full swing, I’d discover another incredible active that was just a little bit better than one we were using. Allowing no compromise, we would start all over again. Luckily, the OSKIA team of dermatologists, doctors and formulators are even greater perfectionists than I and have all been testing and using the ingredients and product for the last year. We now have a very youthful looking lab team! (Regardless of the 352 years between us).

I could wax lyrical about all of the ingredients (and I will in due course), but I am particularly excited to introduce to the market what I believe to be one of the most exciting new actives of our generation as a Retinol alternative for sensitive skin…Bakuchiol.

Retinol is hailed as the most effective and important anti-ageing active on the market (it’s the active part of Vitamin A) – it dramatically reduces wrinkles, protects and treats acne. However, it also causes skin major sensitivity, inflammation and retinoid dermatitis. Bakuchiol (a chemical extracted from the Indian Babchi seeds) has been clinically compared in trials to retinol, with outstanding results, sharing all the advantages but without the usual retinol associated undesirable effects. With this breakthrough active at its helm, Super 16 works to deliver firmer skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines, significantly improve elasticity (by boosting and regulating Type I, III & IV collagen), and effectively reduce pigmentation and photo-damage.

I am completely in love with this little brown seed, and head-over-heels in love with my sweet smelling Super 16.

I know you will love it as much as I do!

Georgie x"

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6 March 2014 14:59

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What do the bloggers really think of our new Renaissance Cleanser

14 November 2013 20:17

Posted in: Product Focus, Press

I've turned so many friends and family onto OSKIA lately and thought it was about time I told the extended family here on Fashion Foie Gras..." Full article

"This cleanser is a little more than a cleanser. It’s a juicy, bouncy gel that looks pink and smells rosy and has a combination of choice ingredients that all help to resurface, rejuvenate and generally brighten the skin..." Full Article

SENSORY EDIT. "Silken, slightly bouncy, almost slippery in texture. The distinct consistency of this gel gives it numerous benefits..." Full Article

"...a balmy texture that makes my skin feeling pretty darn special, massaged into skin morning and evening removes everything from impurities to makeup and leaves a rosie smelling hydrating veil over the skin."

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Show some naked ambition...

16 April 2013 17:07

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2 October 2012 12:21

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24 May 2010 11:59

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If you are a fan of Thomasina Miers and mushrooms, you must try her delicious beauty-boosting 'Spring Tacos with Mushrooms' recipe before the St. George's mushroom season ends, any day soon. Not many people know that the humble but glorious mushroom is one of the best sources of the beauty nutritients Selenium, B Vits Niacin and riboflavin, as well as a great source Zinc and Vit D.

Hang on, mushrooms in Spring? It’s not a month that most of us connect to mushrooms, but with St George’s day just behind us, my thoughts turn inevitably to these delcious, creamy wild mushrooms. They are easy to spot, often sprouting out of the ground in rings, and can be found in all sorts of habitats from woodland to pasture. We have even found them in Hyde Park.

To celebrate the launch of Thomasina Miers new book, Mexican Food Made Simple (Hodder & Stoughton, £20) and the St George’s mushroom season (May), we’ve taken a break from the beauty boosting recipes Thomasina writes especially for OSKIA and picked this delicious, super skin friendly recipe ‘Spring Tacos with Mushrooms’, from the unending list mouth-watering recipes from her book.

"The Mexicans love wild mushrooms. In the spring, morels and St. George’s mushrooms come out in Britain among other varieties. If you can get wild mushrooms, add some sliced to normal field mushrooms or include a little dried porcini for a real treat. This filling is also really delicious in quesadillas."  Thomasina Miers



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