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SPF in Day Creams

30 April 2013 16:32

Posted in: News, Skin Health

by Georgie Cleeve, Founder

I get asked numerous times a week why our products don't contain a sunscreen. As a natural brand, the SPFs available to us are mineral sunscreens (physical), such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. They work by forming a barrier on the skin to protect the epidermis from UVA & UVB  - a  wonderful and highly effective barrier - but a barrier. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing into the skin rather than sitting on top.  Octisalate (found in 59 percent of products), oxybenzone (found in 52 percent) and avobenzone (found in 49 percent) are the most common. Oxybenzone presents the most concerns; it can trigger allergic reactions, is a potential hormone disrupter, and penetrates the skin in relatively large amounts, according to the EWG.

So why don't we use mineral SPFs in our products? In regards to mineral sunscreens which form a protective barrier on the skin, they unfortunately also prevent actives penetrating into the skin and therefore all actives you find in a day cream become obsolete. The product will indeed protect you from the sun, for a limited time, but not carry out any of its intended purposes. We want a product to really really work, therefore when you apply a sunscreen, which you must when the sun in shining, please do so on-top of your skincare products and re-apply regularly. I'm afraid application once in the morning is not enough protection to last throughout the day. If you are using a day cream with a sunscreen, please do remember that you will need to top up your protection regularly.

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