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5 Ways Sleep Affects our Skin and Body

14 March 2017 15:05

Posted in: Skin Health

Sleep gives us energy, makes us feel more alive and is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. But what actually happens to our skin when we sleep, and why is it a good night’s rest so important to keep skin looking younger, healthier and more radiant? Ahead of World Sleep Day, we’re uncovering the truth behind beauty sleep…

We’ve all been there after a poor night’s sleep – skin feels dry and dull, eyes are puffy, you feel lethargic and lack concentration. It’s simple: while we sleep, our body is busy working hard to renew and repair itself. Experts recommend getting between 7-9 hours of sleep per night and when we don’t get enough, not only does our skin health suffer but so does our overall health. Here are 5 ways lack of sleep impacts our skin and body:

Increased cortisol levels.
When we don’t get enough sleep, the body perceives this as a type of stress. This results in increased cortisol levels in the body which inhibits collagen production, leading to skin ageing and also increases inflammation in the body. Excess cortisol has a negative effect on the immune system and blood sugar levels and also causes blood vessels to constrict; reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients the skin receives, leaving it dull and sallow.

Puffy eyes and dark circles.
Dark circles and puffy eyes are one of the most common tell-tale signs of too little sleep. Dark circles often occur when blood isn’t flowing well, which happens when you’re low on sleep, meaning blood collects under eyes and becomes more visible since the skin there is so thin. To avoid these symptoms, (in addition to plenty of rest), it is vital to stay hydrated and we also recommend sleeping with an extra pillow to keep your head slightly elevated, encouraging lymphatic drainage and minimising puffiness come morning. Try our Eye Wonder serum which contains plant bio-actives which visibly brighten dark circles, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase radiance, reduce puffiness and protect DNA.

Accelerated ageing process.
During deep sleep phases, growth hormones are released which helps to repair damaged cells. When we miss out on vital sleep, our skin cells are unable to repair and regenerate. This accelerates the ageing process and leads to visible fine lines and wrinkles. To tackle the signs of ageing and boost collagen production, try our Super 16 serum which works to visibly plump the complexion for healthier, younger-looking skin.

Dull, lacklustre skin.
Little sleep depletes the body’s energy reserve which takes its toll on your complexion and leaves it looking dull and lacklustre. Many of us are also guilty of looking at a glowing screen – phones, tablets and laptops every evening before switching off for the night. Even if you dim the brightness on your device, you're still being exposed to blue daylight spectrum light which stimulates your system because your circadian rhythm is right behind your eyes, keeping you awake. We recommend avoiding technology for at least 90 minutes before going to bed to ensure a good night’s sleep and a glowing complexion.
After a poor night’s sleep, look out for energising skincare products such as our anti-fatigue Get Up & Glow. This lightweight serum increases cell consumption and boosts cell ATP energy to brighten and enliven skin. Apply a few drops underneath moisturiser for an unbeatable anti-ageing and health boosting effect, or pat the serum over makeup to perk up and brighten skin.


Unhealthy body, skin and brain function.
Sleep is food for our body, skin and brain. When we don’t get enough, we are unable to release toxins, maintain a healthy complexion, clear our minds and replace dead blood and brain cells. This can leave us less able to retain information, have difficulty making decisions and control our emotions and behaviour.


OSKIA’s Overnight beauty routine:
Your skin loses the most moisture at night, and blood flow is also more consistent, meaning this is the best time for your skin to benefit from the fantastic actives in your skincare products. Give skin a double cleanse to make sure your skin is free from impurities before applying your skincare products. Next, apply your choice of serum to tackle individual skincare concerns, and follow up with a slightly richer moisturiser and/or oil. Our Bedtime Beauty Boost is packed with anti-ageing ingredients, nutrients & floral extracts to provide skin with a supercharged overnight health & beauty boost. This luxurious cream helps to prevent the signs of premature ageing and give a softer, healthier-looking morning complexion.

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