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1 August 2014 15:09

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"I'm Proud as Punch…

Of our latest arrival – my very precious Super 16 Super Serum which has been a long two - nearly three - years in the making. Unlike other serums on the market that rely on a small handful of active ingredients, every single one of our key 16 actives has been chosen for its powerful punch at activating collagen production and reducing inflammation (along with host of other incredible skin benefits). This unique selection of the very best natural, collagen - boosting actives makes this serum absolutely ideal for anyone of age 30 onwards looking to address serious ageing concerns.

Why did it take us three years? It’s an awfully long time, but every time I thought we’d cracked the final formula and all the tests were in full swing, I’d discover another incredible active that was just a little bit better than one we were using. Allowing no compromise, we would start all over again. Luckily, the OSKIA team of dermatologists, doctors and formulators are even greater perfectionists than I and have all been testing and using the ingredients and product for the last year. We now have a very youthful looking lab team! (Regardless of the 352 years between us).

I could wax lyrical about all of the ingredients (and I will in due course), but I am particularly excited to introduce to the market what I believe to be one of the most exciting new actives of our generation as a Retinol alternative for sensitive skin…Bakuchiol.

Retinol is hailed as the most effective and important anti-ageing active on the market (it’s the active part of Vitamin A) – it dramatically reduces wrinkles, protects and treats acne. However, it also causes skin major sensitivity, inflammation and retinoid dermatitis. Bakuchiol (a chemical extracted from the Indian Babchi seeds) has been clinically compared in trials to retinol, with outstanding results, sharing all the advantages but without the usual retinol associated undesirable effects. With this breakthrough active at its helm, Super 16 works to deliver firmer skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines, significantly improve elasticity (by boosting and regulating Type I, III & IV collagen), and effectively reduce pigmentation and photo-damage.

I am completely in love with this little brown seed, and head-over-heels in love with my sweet smelling Super 16.

I know you will love it as much as I do!

Georgie x"

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Last Updated: 3 June 2016 13:03

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