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30 May 2012 19:52

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Introducing OSKIA...

Methyl Sulphanyl Methane, or MSM, may now be as ubiquitous a supplement as Cod Liver Oil, but 15 years ago no-one in the UK had heard of it, nor of the positive impact it could have on joint health. Numerous studies later, we now know that MSM’s benefits are myriad – and that this most concentrated and bio-available form of sulphur is also crucial to cell function and collagen production, which allows the skin to remain supple, regenerate itself and stave off premature ageing.

It comes as no surprise then that it’s been labelled the ‘Beauty Mineral’ by those in the know – and Georgie Cleeve (who just happens to be the daughter of the man who first imported MSM to our shores), has made it the core component of her beauty line, OSKIA. Drawing on familial expertise – and her years of experience as a Food Editor at Condé Nast’s House & Garden Magazine – Cleeve set about developing a line that blends both a nutritional and scientific approach to skincare, and also reflects her passion for natural and organic ingredients. The result is not only 98% natural – it is also the fruit of four years’ research with a crack team of scientists, nutritionists and skin experts, to ensure that each and every product is as ‘active’ and efficacious as possible.

This vision – to encompass the all-natural with the cutting-edge – is fittingly translated into a focused, capsule collection of targeted treatments that that work in synergy with one another, and with one’s own skin. Alongside the high-potency MSM supplement in the range, there is also the Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost, £74 for 50ml, which is a deliciously decadent cream rich in regenerative vitamins A and B3, to the Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum, £58 for 15ml, which employs a unique Arnica & Laminaria Complex to target under-eye discolouration.

The line delivers on another front too: the brand’s name is taken from the ancient Greek word for ‘delivering beauty’, and this new line makes good on its eponymous promise – from the pleasing packaging all the way through to the detailed ingredient lists than can be found on the back of each and every pioneering product.

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