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Georgie Cleeve Introduces The New Renaissance Duo!

22 February 2016 16:16

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We’re over the moon to announce the launch of our newest members of the Renaissance family – Renaissance BrightLight and Renaissance 360! And even more excited to finally share all their fantastic skin-boosting properties with you… so here are a few words from our founder Georgie Cleeve on the inspiration behind, and the journey towards creating these products.

“The development of Renaissance BrightLight was a long process, but I’m absolutely thrilled with the final product. After suffering from melasma myself following the birth of my second child, I set about creating a concentrated solution to help fade the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots, repair sun damage and even skin tone. In formulating Renaissance BrightLight, we stripped everything back and delved into the chemical reactions, triggers and processes that lead to melanin production and hyper-pigmentation, in all its forms. Skin colour is largely dependent on a pigment called melanin. Its production in the skin is activated by sunlight and hormones and its sole purpose is to protect the skin against UV damage.
Factors such as free radicals, hormonal changes during pregnancy and the contraceptive pill, acne scaring, age and sun exposure, can all disturb the natural melanin production process, causing melanin production to increase, and its dispersion to become uneven and concentrated.

Renaissance BrightLight contains 13 brightening actives and targets hyper-pigmentation in 4 ways:
1. Melanocytes, melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis, naturally move upwards. BrightLight slows down this process of ‘melanin transfer’.
2. It breaks down the process of melanin production in melanocytes. It does this by inhibiting both Tyrosinase (an enzyme and peptide-hormone responsible for melanin production) and a-MSH (a hormone responsible for melanin production).
3. Melanin that is already present on the skin is exfoliated away thanks to the inclusion of pumpkin & papaya enzymes and passionfruit & grape AHAs.
4. Free-radical and inflammatory-induced pigmentation, caused by acne and scaring, is reduced.

When it comes to skin concerns, sadly most of us aren’t single issue women, so I wanted to create a product that combats those multiple complexion concerns on all fronts – a 360-degree multi-tasker that’s simple to understand and reduces the need to use lots of different products. Together with my in-house team of doctors and nutritionists, we developed Renaissance 360 – a powerful moisturiser that fades the appearance of pigmentation, reduces fine lines, and increases elasticity, hydration and luminosity. For this reason, it’s great for supporting our Renaissance BrightLight Anti-Pigmentation & Dark Spot Serum and is also a brilliant day cream for anyone looking for a healthier, more joyful complexion to support them as they experience life at full speed.

When used in conjunction with the rest of our Renaissance range, our new Renaissance 360 Supreme Cream and Renaissance BrightLight offers unbeatable anti-pigmentation and skin brightening results.”

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Last Updated: 3 June 2016 13:03

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