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Facial Oils 101

18 November 2015 17:00

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Many of us sometimes struggle to find the perfect selection of products that make up our daily skincare routines, and choosing a facial oil to suit your skin is no exception.

What many people don’t know is that the right facial oil won’t make your skin greasy, and all skin types can actually benefit from using oils, including oily skins. Discover our skin-boosting tips on using facial oils:

Facial oils benefit the skin in a multitude of ways, from combatting anti-ageing concerns with anti-oxidants such as Rosehip Seed Oil, to soothing and calming the skin with anti-inflammatories such as Turmeric. Ingredients like Sunflower and Rice Bran Oils also work to replenish the lipid barrier, protecting the skin against environmental stresses, whilst simultaneously deeply hydrating and improving skin elasticity.

Oily skin types can fight oil with oil. Our skin produces excess sebum when the oil content in our skin is imbalanced. Many of us sometimes try and combat the oiliness in our skin by cleansing and exfoliating more frequently than needed to make our skin feel squeaky clean and free of all natural oils, but this is something we want to avoid. This actually sends our skin into overdrive producing more oils to try and compensate. The right facial oil will replenish and rebalance your skin, keeping oiliness at bay.

Oils can be used either on their own or over your moisturiser, as the last step in your skincare routine. If you apply a facial oil first, it will act as a barrier preventing your skin from absorbing all the beneficial ingredients in your moisturiser. Instead, apply last to seal it all in.

Introduce an oil in the evening to get used to the texture on your skin if you’re new to using oils. If you are a dab hand with facial oils, you’ve probably already added one into your routine morning and evening, especially if you have a drier skin type.

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