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Bump Banishers

27 July 2015 15:15

Posted in: How To, Skin Health


Have you noticed a goosebump-like rash on the tops of your arms and thighs? Keratosis Pilaris, a hereditary condition, occurs in 40 % of adults as a result of a build-up of keratin, a hard protein that blocks the opening of the hair follicle resulting in small patches of bumpy, slightly rough skin.

The good news is that these pesky bumps are easily manageable with the help of a few simple tricks to unclog pores and make skin noticeably smoother.

How to treat it? 

The key is to avoid over-scrubbing and stick to gentle exfoliants such as our Micro Exfoliating Balm which uses the tiniest silica and MSM particles to gently buff away dead skin cells whist nourishing the lipid barrier.Follow up with a vitamin-rich moisturiser such as our Renaissance Hand & Body Cream which has been specifically formulated with gentle pineapple, lemon, grape and passion fruit AHAs help to further exfoliate the skin and break down excess keratin. Further enriched with Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes, this nourishing cream also helps to reduce pigmentation, even skin tone and improve radiance meaning you’ll be wearing those sleeveless tops again in no time!

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