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How to choose the right bikini, with Ursula Lake

28 July 2015 15:59

Posted in: How To

Ursula Lake is one of the mega Super Stylists – she has been a Fashion Editor and Stylist to the stars for more than 15 years, including Fashion Editor for Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine for seven years, Net-a-Porter's Edit magazine,, The Sunday Times Style, GQ, InStyle, Wallpaper* and Stylist Magazine, and finally founder to the fabulous Violet Lake, the only bikini line that is designed with body shape in mind. She is also a wonderful friend.

Here she not only imparts her invaluable wisdom on how to choose the right bikini - because let’s face it – none of us really have a clue - but also offers you a very exclusive 20% off her gorgeous bikini line Violet Lake (see below). 



1. Always try on different styles, you might think you know what suits you, but often you are surprised by how things fit. I always say, you never know until you try! I didn’t think I could wear a bandeau top as I have big boobs, but I wear our ‘Plenty’ style bandeau styles all the time!

2. Try mixing and matching tops and bottoms, our printed designs like our zigzag prints and our stripes look really great when they are mixed with a plain top. Be playful, you are on holiday!

3. Don’t like your hips or feel bottom heavy, balance yourself up by putting a paler colour on your top half and a darker one on your bottom half. The same applies in reverse, a dark coloured top can tone down a bigger bust.

4. Buy tie side bikini bottoms if you think you might loose or gain a little weight on holiday. I sometimes loose a little weight on holiday as I loose my appetite in the heat. A tie side bottom means that you can adjust to fit, our ‘Tiffany’ and ‘Mayday’ styles are great for this.

5. Our bandeau styles (Domino, Blush and Plenty) are very practical as they have detachable shoulder straps that make this top perfect for sunbathing and also gives a bit more support when you are walking around or diving.

6. Got young kids? A swimsuit can often be a really practical idea if you are going to be swimming with them as its harder for them to pull at ties or undo things that might cause an embarrassing moment for you. It’s also great for the local pool once you are at home. 

7. Long in the body but can’t find a swimsuit to fit? Try our Bibi swimsuit as the drawstring detail on each side is designed so you can adjust to fit your unique body length. The gathering this creates on the body is also super flattering.

8. For a really good fit, choose quality fabrics with good levels of elastane and choose designs with tie strap fastenings. There no reason why your rib cage will be a the same size as anyone else’s so I find the only way you get a really good fit is being able to tie it tight to fit to you. Needless to say all our tops have tie fastenings and are made from a super high quality fabric.

9. Going on a short break and want to maximize your suitcase space, a design like our Caruso swimsuit is great as you can wear it with a skirt in the evening for a glamorous beach to bar look.

10. Be bold with colour! You might live and die in black or navy during your working week, but strong colours can look so different in the sunshine and with a tan so be brave and try something new. Our new bright pink is an amazing colour and suits most skin tones. If you are a bit nervous, mix with a neutral. For example, our coral colour looks amazing combined with navy, scarlet looks super chic with our navy and white stripe and our emerald green looks beautiful mixed with white. Think about your skin tone too, paler skin tones look great in our emerald green and scarlet colour ways whereas olive skin really suits our coral and turquoise. Black skin always looks great super hot colours like our bright pink.



BOYISH FIGURE – Create curves with designs with bows at the hips to help create an hourglass figure. Our Tiffany bottom works really well to achieve this.

BIG BUST – Try a supportive halter-top like our Ryder top in a darker colour and if you are small on the hips, maybe try a paler coloured bikini bottom for balance.

SOMETHING TO HIDE? - Our Moneypenny style is a great retro style with a high waist and drawstring sides so it’s great for covering up scars or stretch marks as well as being super chic.

SMALLER BUST – Our gathered tops like the Galore and Bonita are both padded and the gathering helps to create the impression of a larger bust.

PEAR SHAPED – Try a simple shape on the bottom half in a darker colour, and a stronger coloured top to balance yourself out, or maybe try a top like our Elektra which has bow details which draw the eyes to the top half and detracts from your bottom half.

LONG BODY OR SHORT BODY AND CAN’T FIND A SWIMSUIT THAT FITS? Try our Bibi style as it the drawstring sides can be gathered to adjust and fit your unique body length.

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