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How to survive this party season

30 November 2018 16:11


The holiday season is finally upon us and as much as we’re excited to see close friends and family while hopping from one cocktails & canapes event to another, it’s also a time when we tend to overindulge. During busy social periods our skin will be one of the first to tell us when we’ve gone a step too far. One to many mulled wines, big meals and late nights and the festivities can start taking their toll, leaving us looking lacklustre and tired. There are however ways to contain some of the more obvious effects without compromising too much on the festive cheer.

Toxins found in food and drinks enter our body through digestion and then directly into our blood stream to be excreted by the liver, kidneys and skin. An easy way to balance all of Christmas’s delicious offerings and revelries is with a diet rich of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, which are high in anti-oxidants. Foods high in anti-oxidants stimulate the liver which helps detoxify our blood, giving our liver a little more support and keeping it healthier. This will help reduce the amount of toxins reaching the skin and boost that holiday glow.


Both of these vivid root vegetables are power houses of beta-carotene, which is known to stimulate liver function.
You’ll have heard it before, and you will hear it again, but if you want to detox, try and get leafy greens in as many meals as possible, and they are packed with minerals and vitamins.
Rich in glutathione, grapefruit works wonders to aid the liver detox. Also rich in Vitamin C, it helps the liver to produce the detoxifying enzymes that flush out pollutants.
High in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which all provide support to natural liver cleansing.
Garlic is rich in sulphur, which is essential for supporting the liver and activating liver enzymes that are responsible for flushing out toxins and waste from your body.
If you know, you know. An incredible spice, bursting with anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants that will help repair liver cells, aid detoxification andprevent against cellular damage.

For an extra boost combine a healthy diet with supplements that are both specifically targeted at boosting skin health and anti-inflammatory, along with topical products that feed skin is vital for optimum skin health.

Our Pure MSM Supplements have fantastic collagen-boosting, anti-inflammatory and skin strengthening benefits whilst also improving hair and nail condition to keep you looking tip top, and always party ready.
Our Eye Wonder is the perfect pick me up for tired looking eyes, it reduces dark circles, puffiness and increase radiance. As well as being ideal for under eye makeup die to the little oil content.
- Vitamin P strengthens the capillary walls to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.
- Arnica and Laminaria complex rich in decongestive Vitamin P strengthens capillary walls to reduce puffiness and dark circles by 24% and skin redness and irritation by 64.6%
For immediate spa facial results apply our Renaissance Mask for 10-20 minutes for and to instantly plump, brighten and illuminate.
- Natural Fruit Acids (AHA’s), exfoliate by gently unbinding cells in the top layer of the skin to activate renewal. Enzymes from papaya remove excess and tired skin, cleansing thoroughly and clearing congested pores.
- Ribose increases cell respiration and reloads the skin with new energy by stimulating ATP (cell energy) levels to revitalise and illuminate.
The ultimate lightweight energising and anti-fatigue serum, that increases cell consumption and ATP energy to brighten and enliven your skin.
- Natural light reflecting pigments add lustre to tired skin.
- Riboxil™, known as The Beauty Sugar, energizes, revitalizes and brightens by boosting oxygen intake to recharge cell energy to benefit all cell processes.

Last but not least - stay hydrated. Hydration is not only key for good overall health but also for keeping your complexion supple, healthy and glowing. Make sure to drink at least 2 litres per day and try to avoid too many caffeinated drinks. We also recommend starting the day with a cup of hot water & lemon to help alkalise the body and neutralise acids caused by alcohol and unhealthy food.

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Last Updated: 4 December 2018 17:49

Christmas Garanteed Delivery Dates

29 November 2018 17:07


Christmas is just around the corner, and to save your self from being caught short on the 25th, please do make sure to check our final shipping dates before ordering!

To guarantee you receive all your presents please ensure you order by the dates below at the latest.

UK 19th December

Europe 14th December

Rest of World 12th December

Our warehouse will be closed from 21st December until 2nd January!

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Last Updated: 30 November 2018 09:41

Making Black Friday a Bright Friday

21 November 2018 11:59


Whilst everyone’s busy compiling their wish-lists ready for Black Friday (now the biggest shopping event of the calendar) here at OSKIA we believe, it really is so important to make Black Friday a little Brighter and continue our tradition of donating 100% of our profits from Black Friday to Charity.

A note from our founder, Georgie Cleeve:

“Black Friday’s all about amazing offers, choosing beautiful Christmas presents for loved ones and of course indulging in some well-deserved self-gifting too…We’ll be offering 25% off our range again so customers can stock-up on their favourites. But we also want to continue our tradition of giving something back. So OSKIA will be donating 100% of profits from each and every sale made on Black Friday to a charity whose work we feel passionately about.

In the midst of the commercial frenzy that is Black Friday, I feel very strongly that we should all pause for thought; and if while we’re gifting those closest to us, we can also give support to those enduring tough times, then together we can succeed in turning Black Friday that little bit brighter.

This year we have chosen to support Women for Women International and the phenomenal work they do helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Our aim is to raise enough money to sponsor up to six women survivors through a year-long programme that equips them to earn money, regain their confidence and actively participate in their communities. Together, with your support, we can change the world, one woman at a time.” 


When there is an outbreak of war or violence, women suffer most – they experience trauma, sexual violence and the death of loved ones. After the conflict is over, the world’s attention moves on, but these same women are left to rebuild their families and communities.

Women for Women International supports women who live in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Women enrol on the charity’s year-long training programme, where they learn how to earn and save money, improve their family’s health and make their voices heard at home and in their community.

Since 1993, the charity has helped more than 479,000 marginalised women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan.
With over twenty brutal armed conflicts across the globe, there’s never been a greater need to support women survivors of war. With your help, women can graduate from the Women for Women International programme with the skills, knowledge and resources to become successful entrepreneurs. They will pass on their knowledge to their neighbours and children, creating a ripple effect.

Below, is first-hand how Women for Women International has changed the lives of two amazing woman – Grace from Rwanda and Faith from Nigeria.



Photo Credit: Hazel Thompson.

When her husband died three years ago, Grace and her five children were left with nothing. “I was alone and had to take care of the children, who were all very young at the time. I couldn’t imagine them growing without their father around. He was the one who provided for them – school materials, food…”
The Women for Women International programme proved to be a lifeline for Grace. She recalls, “One day, people came looking for the poorest women to help. I was hoping I could be selected and thank God I finally was. Women for Women International came and took me out of my loneliness.”
Grace learnt important skills on the programme. “They taught me how to save, to manage the household… After I joined, my life got back on track. I even bought some small livestock; two cows, a pig and some rabbits. By the end of this year, I will have achieved something big. I’m thinking of opening my own shop and expanding my activities.”
Ensuring that her children receive a good education is a priority for Grace; with the profit from her business she can pay for them to attend school. “My first goal is to take good care of these kids, put them through school and see them grow into men and women.”


Photo Credit: Monilekan.

Faith is a 33-year-old widow with three daughters. Her husband died two years ago. Because she has only daughters, her husband’s family will not allow her to inherit his possessions. According to Nigerian tradition, widows cannot inherit their husbands’ property, and only men have the right to own land. Her parents-in-law sometimes come to her house to take away items of any value, which they say belong to them by rights.
“Being a single mother is very difficult,” says Faith. “I am worried about our future, we might have to move back to live with my parents.”
Faith enrolled in the Women for Women International programme in 2016. She chose knitting as her vocational skill because the costs to start are low, and there is always a demand for clothes so the business will be sustainable. Faith sells the clothes she knits to her neighbours and at the market. She has also started to produce uniform jumpers for the local school.
“In the future, I want to expand my business. My dream would be to open a shop where I can sell the clothes. The programme has given me hope. I learnt that if you have an ambition and work towards it, you can achieve your dream.”

So, whilst you are stocking up on your Favourite OSKIA products this Friday, please do bear in mind the women whose lives you could directly be helping to change with every single purchase you make.

OSKIA will be offering a 25% discount on all full-priced products on the OSKIA website – – from 18:00 Thursday 22nd November to 23:59 Friday 23rd November. Christmas Gift Sets are not included in the offer.

Women for Women International is a registered UK charity in England and Wales (1115109).

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Last Updated: 21 November 2018 12:39

Must-Haves for Men.

16 November 2018 15:58

Curated by our Co-Founder, George Gordon

Taking care of skin is becoming firmly mainstream for men of all ages. We are all making better decisions (most of the time) around health and lifestyle, and skin care should be no different. It’s not necessarily about trying to turn the clock right back, more about looking the best you possibly can, with healthy, bright skin that hints at the energy and vitality of the man inside. And that’s a good look for anyone, at any time.
Some men already use multiple products in complex routines (we bow before the early-adopters) but for many the world of skincare still holds some mystery, and this is aimed at you. If you can only find two minutes to spare, then just use a cleanser and moisturiser ideally every day, or as often as you can. Cleansing will remove the grime that builds up and clogs pores leading to dull skin, and moisturising will help with the fine lines and add more energy and bounce back into your skin. Use these regularly for just a few weeks and people will really start to see the difference.

I’ve highlighted the products I use regularly and which are the most popular amongst our male customers. They are functional, easy to use and aren’t overly-perfumed. By all means look further through our range but any of these these make a great starting point.

A light foaming gel loaded with anti-oxidants that leaves skin really clean but not stripped. The fresh woody smell is great in morning or evening. Particularly good if you live in cities to detox skin, or for those with normal to oiler skin types. If you’ve got really dry skin, look for our Perfect Cleanser.

A great all-rounder, will help hydrate skin and get you looking your best. It’s full of ingredients that will help correct damage caused over the years and protect against future wear and tear. A very subtle Sicilian orange scent fades quickly leaving skin smoother.

Exfoliating gives skin a deep down clean, removing dead skin cells and encouraging renewal, and you might use this once or twice a week. It’s a lovely rich balm with fine granules, just massage it over a damp face, adding more water if you want to soften the granules further, before splashing off. You can use pre or post-shave or before bed.

The under-eye area can seriously give the game away, whether you’re up every hour with kids or pulling late ones at the office or in more congenial environments. It takes 10 seconds to massage in this lightweight serum which over time will help reduce puffiness and dark circles. It’s not a cover-up, it builds resilience in the area as the ingredients take effect, use regularly and it’s really worth it.

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Last Updated: 16 November 2018 17:02

OSKIA Winter Beauty Events

16 November 2018 11:38

Posted in: Events


Are you in need of a skin health boost? Make sure to check all our upcoming events, where you can pamper yourself with our bespoke facials, the perfect balance between indulgence and efficacy. Beginning with an in-depth consultation, OSKIA’s highly trained skincare therapist will personaliseyour facial treatment to ensure concerns and conditions are individually treated. 


Space NK

Saturday 17th 

Space NK Haslemere Beauty Room
45 minute Bespoke Radiance Renewal Facial
Address: 31-33 High St, Haslemere GU27 2HG
To book, simply call 01428 748681. 


Space NK

Saturday 13th 

Space NK Beaconsfield Beauty Room
45 minute Bespoke Radiance Renewal Facial
Address: 2, The Highway, Station Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 1QD
To book, simply call 01494 680 568.


Space NK

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th 

Space NK Beaconsfield Beauty Room
45 minute Bespoke Radiance Renewal Facial
Address: 2, The Highway, Station Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 1QD
To book, simply call 01494 680 568. 


Friday 1st

Space NK Haslemere Beauty Room
45 minute Bespoke Radiance Renewal Facial
Address: 31-33 High St, Haslemere GU27 2HG
To book, simply call 01428 748681

Saturday 9th

Space NK Beaconsfield Beauty Room
45 minute Bespoke Radiance Renewal Facial
Address: 2, The Highway, Station Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 1QD
To book, simply call 01494 680 568 

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Last Updated: 16 November 2018 15:54

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