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It’s a good question. When OSKIA was first conceived of many years ago, our principle aim was to formulate a range of skincare products that really worked. While we always hoped we could use only natural ingredients that the body had evolved with, that formed part of our environment, we were adamant that the efficacy of our products had to be the guiding light for what we were doing.

The issue we faced was whether natural ingredients could be as effective as ‘un-natural’ ones, those that had been conceived in a laboratory without reference to the world around us.

And in some ways we’ve been very lucky with our timing. There have been in the last few years some incredible technological advances in the science of natural skincare and natural ingredients. No longer does using ‘natural’ mean that you are compromising on efficacy. Advances in trans-epidermal carriers, being molecules that aid the ability of nutrients to be absorbed through the skin, and new ingredients that work at cellular levels, are the two most important advances. A few years ago, natural skincare ingredients were limited to simple oils, butters and extracts. Now, there is a new wave of highly technological and scientifically advanced ingredients that penetrate the skin to work on cellular levels - for example, plant stem cells, amino acids, peptides and bio-available nutrients.  We’ve also benefited from the ability to use ‘chemically identical’ natural ingredients, or “nature-identical” ingredients. That means ingredients that are found in nature or within the body but, because they are either impractical or impossible to extract directly from nature, are produced within the laboratory. They are identical on a molecular level to their counterparts in nature. We have also discovered a new way to manufacture these ingredients that dramatically reduces the amount of water used in the process. Did you know that 1 pot of face cream manufactured using traditional processes wastes over 1500 litres of water? That is an alarming amount and one that we work to reduce dramatically. 

Natural skincare for the first time can offer genuinely effective anti-ageing solutions, and it’s our belief that long-term health, including the health of your skin, is better served by working with nature. That’s why Oskia products contain 98% natural or nature-identical ingredients.

Our natural philosophy dictates not only what ingredients we can use but also those we can’t. We appreciate that science is moving forward and changing our understanding of the effects of some chemicals, and often you hear a number of conflicting viewpoints on a subject. We’ve therefore taken the approach that where the jury is still out on some potentially harmful ingredients, such as parabens, we’ll tread cautiously. As long as we’re not risking the efficacy and quality of our products, it seems like the right thing to do. So, as you’ll see clearly on our packaging, Oskia products are FREE FROM artificial fragrances, colourants, silicones, parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol and all other harmful chemicals.

One area that all natural skincare manufacturers struggle with is preservatives. Natural skincare products need help if they are to remain stable and survive for a number of months without growing harmful moulds and bacteria. You’d be amazed at the effort we put in to finding a natural preservative that worked in our complex formulations. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find one that will. We did find a natural preservative that was based on Japanese Honeysuckle, though this turned out to break down into a form of natural formaldehyde, which as you can imagine was far from ideal. The 2% ‘non-natural’ ingredients in OSKIA are therefore the preservatives. And we promise to keep searching for the perfect, all-natural alternative.

Those of us who care about using natural products often also care about the environment more widely. We make every effort to ensure we are as eco-friendly as we can be. We’re not perfect – some of our ingredients for instance are so specific that can’t be found in the UK, so of course we have bring them in from many miles away – but we are constantly looking at ways to improve the green credentials of our business.

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