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My personal history with MSM

OSKIA’s Founder, Georgie Cleeve, was inspired to produce the first nutritional skincare range based around MSM due to her remarkable and very personal journey with this ingredient. MSM was first introduced as a joint supplement over 30 years ago by her father's supplement company, in association with MSM's inventor, Dr. Stanley Jacob.
 My personal story...Georgie Cleeve

For years I had witnessed the remarkable effect MSM had on the joints, skin and hooves of horses, for which MSM was first used, through my father's nutritional supplement company, through which he is credited for introducing MSM as a joint supplement. There is no placebo effect with animals - if it works, it really does work – and the incredible effects were so remarkable that MSM soon found its way into joint supplements for us mere humans. MSM is now one of the leading human supplements to help increase joint mobility and repair damaged cartilage, the main constitute being collagen.

During my teens and early twenties I went through four major knee and ankle operations to repair damaged cartilage. All unfortunately failed and I was then left with little hope of running, playing sport or skiing again. As a result of this, my father put me on a course of his MSM and I have never looked back. My knee cartilage improved beyond recognition and I have since been able to compete in regular triathlons and even spent a season as a ski instructor, with no pain or swelling at all. This, I had hoped to expect, but what I hadn't was the marked improvement MSM had on my skin, hair and nails. My childhood eczema cleared, my skin became stronger, smoother and radiated health and vitality. Not to mention the improvement of my nail and hair condition. And it is not difficult to understand why - MSM, the most bio-available form of the key mineral sulphur is the key ingredient used in collagen production (in addition to another 150 bodily functions) and to help repair and maintain healthy skin tissue.

As a food journalist for Conde Nast and a trained therapist, the effects of proper skin nutrition (both topically and internally) became glaringly obvious, and after four years of extensive research and development by myself and an exceptional team of internationally renowned cosmetic scientists, dermatologists, doctors and nutritionists, OSKIA, the first nutritionally-designed skincare brand, came to life in 2009.

Not only do we aim to rebuild skin health via a range of clinically-proven nutrients, MSM being just one, but we also target anti-ageing and skin concerns via the most advanced range of clinically-proven bio-actives. We constantly strive to discover exciting and even better ingredients so, if and when we find one that works even better than a current ingredient, we reformulate to include it. Only the best will do!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Warm wishes

Georgie x

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