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Size45 tablets
(Refill Sachet)
Size45 tablets


A Nutritional Food Supplement to Support Skin & Help Reduce Acne, 1000mg per tablet

"This new Brit brand is taking the skincare world by storm with hot anti-ageing discovery MSM. Take one tablet a day to boost cell turnover, collagen production and reduce acne. In other words, they give you glowy, teenage-esque skin. Pure MSM, The Beauty Mineral". GRAZIA

MSM is a targeted food supplement, specifically formulated to boost collagen production while nutritionally supporting the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Also known as The Beauty Mineral, it feeds the skin from inside with the most bio-available form of sulphur. It improves healthy collagen and keratin production, reduces the signs of premature ageing and maintains a healthy, youthful complexion. MSM has powerful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits, strengthens the skin's support matrix and helps combat the symptoms of conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Visibly improves skin, hair and nail condition.

What is MSM?

OSKIA's founder's personal MSM story

  • Provides the natural ingredients for collagen production to help improve general skin condition and specific skin conditions.
  • Strengthens the skin's support matrix.
  • Stengthens hair and nail condition.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps limit hyperpigmentation.
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  • Helps reduce acne and acne scars.

For full information on the benefits of MSM, please click here



MSM can help reduce acne and acne scars by:

  • Improving collagen & elastin production to keep skin strong and supple.
  • This improved skin regeneration helps decrease acne scars. 
  • Enables your cells and tissues to release toxins that have built up over the years. Sulphur is part of our waste managment system and a deficiency means our bodies are unable to release certain waste substances. You may visibly notice your skin detoxing. This is a good thing!
  • MSM acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to help reduce redness associated with Acne & Acne Rosacea.





"Beauty has a new miracle mineral... and I do mean "miracle" Fashion Foie Gras

"I love this product (Pure MSM) of yours - after years of dry, flaky and sore skin you have revolutionised my life. I feel so much more confident and comfortable (and years younger). People keep telling me how marvellous and well I look. Thank you, thank you!" Isabel Burford

"I've suffered from acne all my life and I wish I'd found MSM before. My scars have disappeared and I just look normal!" John B.

"I ordered this product few days ago, I think that cosmetics are very important, but, if you want have a good skin, supplements are very important. I'm young, but I've lost some weight and have noticed that my face seems "sad", but after a few days taking this pills looks healtier! The effects are amazing, my skin is soft, radiant and... plumped!" Paolo P.

"I bought the Pure MSM tablets from Liberty a while ago and am so pleased with the results that I have just ordered two refill packets from your website. I am a great believer that what you put in your body has more of an effect than what you put on it so after reading about Pure MSM I was very keen to try it. I must say I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin since I have been using it. Having spent a considerable amount of money on fillers in March, with very disappointing results, I am delighted to say that the Pure MSM has had more of an effect. I definitely won’t be wasting my money on fillers again! I now hope to introduce the rest of your range into my skincare regime." Jo Thompson, London.

"This new Brit brand is taking the skincare world by storm with hot anti-ageing discovery MSM. Take one tablet a day to boost cell turnover and collagen production. In other words, they give you glowy, teenage-esque skin. Pure MSM, The Beauty Mineral". GRAZIA

The star ingredient is MSM, traditionally used in joint supplements to regenerate cartilage. The latest discovery is that it repairs collagen too, so it firms, tones and plumps skin remarkably well.” TATLER

“Part of a new integrative skincare line called Oskia, which is based on the beauty benefits of methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM), these supplements support the topical in the range by feeding the skin from within (to my mind the most effective route to better skin) to preserve it and enhance clarity and softness.” TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE

"And for new British beauty brand OSKIA comes Pure MSM tablets (£29.50 for 45). MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) is a naturally occurring sulphur compound that is thought to help support the regeneration of connective tissue, boosting collagen production, so is a good choice if your skin is looking slack." ZEST

Natural Health Magazine 2014 - Best Skin Supplement


Directions For Use

Take one or two tablets a day as a food supplement before meals. Ideally, take one in the morning and one at night (if taking two).

Suitable for: Vegans, Coeliacs and those following a gluten free diet.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children, during pregnancy or lactation. If taking medication, consult your doctor. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place. Always replace lid.


Full Ingredients

Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (msm), Hydroxypropyl, Cottonseed Oil, Silica, Sodium Starch Glyucolate


Quality & Purity

Why is OSKIA's MSM superior to other forms of MSM?

OSKIA uses the only triple distilled MSM on the market.

Rigorous Analytical Testing Verifies Consistent Identity and Purity.
OSKIA's mandates tight specifications for our MSM and analytical methods that are more stringent than other MSM on the market resulting in increased purity and safety:
• DMSO, central to the manufacturing of MSM is a powerful solvent and a pharmaceutical agent which has been shown to cause degradation of capsules, active ingredients and organoleptic properties. OSKIA's OptiMSM reports the lowest levels of DMSO at <0.05%.
• OptiMSM is third-party tested to ensure its heavy metal content is at least 100 times less than guaranteed by USP standard. This supports Proposition 65 compliance in products containing OptiMSM.
• Microbial standards for OptiMSM are set to USP pharmaceutical standards which are more rigorous than those for dietary supplements and support the Global Food Safety Initiative.igorous Analytical Testing Verifies Consistent Identity and Purity.

Size45 tablets
(Refill Sachet)
Size45 tablets

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